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Strict gun control laws could have terrifying results

Published: January 2, 2013

When Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association, suggests a cop or security guard be placed in every school, the talking heads are quick to point out how unreasonably expensive that would be. What would be far more expensive is implementing the very strict gun control laws President Obama envisions. Worse yet, in order to be effective in preventing the private transfer of firearms, magazines and ammunition, the police state apparatus that would have to be put into effect would require explosive government growth and the effective abolition of Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights of all Americans. We would see any right to privacy of communications vanish, as federal law enforcement would demand access to everyone's mail and electronic communications. Unwarranted home searches would become commonplace, since the justification would be to find unregistered firearms. The weapons black market would grow enormously, and every citizen would become a suspect. Even the First Amendment would not protect people engaging in innocent communications like this one if the government thought it implied unlawful action.

People always seem to overlook the unintended consequences of well meaning acts, and the current path of gun-control thinking has truly terrifying results if we aren't careful.

Pat Kelley, Oklahoma City

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