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Abortion kills more innocent children than guns

Published: January 5, 2013

The recent unimaginable tragedy in Connecticut is still difficult to comprehend. Beautiful innocent children massacred at the hands of a complete madman. While most of the nation still mourns for these families over their unfathomable loss, the anti-gun zealots and their media puppets have easily moved on. Even before the life of a single child could be remembered and honored, every liberal in America crawled out from under their rock spewing hatred and lies toward our rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment. Most of us have continued to pray and have kept silent out of respect for these families, but enough is enough.

While the media continue their obsession against firearms, they completely ignore a more disturbing and horrifying fact about America. According to the FBI Uniform Crime Reports for the period 2002-2011, an average of 9,500 Americans were murdered each year by firearms while the Centers for Disease Control reports that from 2000 to 2009, almost 835,000 children were aborted each year.

A mentally disturbed monster murders his mother, steals her guns and then slaughters innocent children and the liberal media prefer an all-out attack on American gun owners because of his heinous crimes. Yet our courts force private companies to provide abortion pills and procedures to help facilitate the murder of almost a million innocent children every year but there is no media outrage. Americans, guns don't kill children, sadly we all kill children!

Jay Ingram, Oklahoma City

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