Q&A on Collecting: Cyclops kept a watchful eye

Anne McCollam advises readers about the value of their antiques.

BY Anne McCollam Published: January 7, 2013
Q&A on Collecting
Cyclops kept a watchful eye

Q: This thing sat next to the piano where I practiced scales, (UGH!) when I was a child in the 1940s. The pot and the pedestal are in two pieces, and both are unmarked. There are geese or swans at the very top. On the lower section is what looks like a Cyclops eye and at the base, there are heads of mythical creatures on two feet. I always felt the “eye” was watching me as I plodded through 60 minutes of daily practice. It now belongs to me, but I know nothing about it. I have become quite fond of it and would like to learn more about its history. Can you help?

A: A plethora of...

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