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Ban on assault weapons would be draconian

Published: January 20, 2013

Kathleen Parker (Commentary, Jan. 15) states that a ban on assault weapons or “limit magazines” (Does that mean limit the cartridge capacity of magazines or limit the quantity of magazines a person possesses?) is “hardly draconian.” I disagree. Many people seem to think there's a huge advantage for a murderer with a large-capacity magazine. What they ignore is that if there's such an advantage to having a large-capacity magazine, then a person defending himself would also have that same advantage if he, too, has a large-capacity magazine. Since good people obey laws, if large-capacity magazines are banned, only the evil people will have them.

Also ignored are the defensive capabilities of a semi-automatic rifle such as an AR-15. Knowing beforehand that I likely would be involved in a gunfight, I would choose an AR-15 over a handgun. However, a handgun will work in most cases and it's much easier to have with you wherever you go. I certainly hope I'm never involved in a gunfight, but as a law-abiding citizen I deserve suitable weapons for defense if I choose to have them.

Lawrence Herndon, Duncan