Doctors who perform abortions hypocrites

Published: February 1, 2013

I read with disgust “Doctor has one of 3 state abortion clinics” (News, Jan. 20). Dr. Larry Burns said that he studied to be an anesthesiologist and was hired in that capacity at an abortion clinic in Tulsa, where he learned to perform abortions. The article states that medical schools rarely teach students to perform abortions. Could the reason be that the Hippocratic oath to which doctors ascribe states that first they will do no harm intentionally? It looks as though a young Larry Burns stumbled upon a niche that could be far more lucrative than a career in anesthesiology!

Burns said he only performs abortions up to 12 weeks. Why? Could it be that even he has no stomach for the sight of an almost full-term baby consigned to the slop bucket of “medical waste?” I wonder if Burns realizes the incongruity of his final statement in the article: “I like buffalo, they're survivors. So are women.”

Ah, yes. But not their poor little dead babies!

Joan Sanders, Oklahoma City

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