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Video games are likely to follow Pentagon’s lead on women in combat

Women will likely have more video game characters in games like ‘Call to Duty,’ ‘Battlefield’ and ‘Medal of Honor’ now that American women are scheduled to enter more combat roles in real life.

By DERRIK J. LANG Published: February 2, 2013

LOS ANGELES — Lara Croft. Samus Aran. Jill Valentine. Chell.

In the realm of video games, it’s not difficult to identify tough-as-nails women who uncover ancient treasures, blast away aliens, battle zombies and outwit malicious robots. However, when it comes to finding fictional females who take down terrorists, call in air strikes, frag combatants and capture enemy outposts, you’d probably be more likely to walk in on a woman in the men’s room.

While video games...
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