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Physician: Hobby Lobby owner is right, contraceptives can abort

BY DOMINIC PEDULLA, M.D. Published: February 9, 2013

Hobby Lobby's lawsuit against a federal health care mandate exposes the dark reality of “emergency contraceptives.” The reality is that they often act by ending new human life. Despite massive propaganda to the contrary, the fact that all human beings begin their lives at the sperm-and-egg-union called fertilization is biological, not religious. Even the presumption against deliberately destroying innocent human beings is a human notion, not an exclusively religious one.

Hobby Lobby owner David Green couldn't be blamed for suing to avoid coercive insurance enabling embryo destruction, all under the guise of “preventing” conception. “Ella” is considered “embryocidal” by European medical authorities. IUDs allow conceptions with almost 100 percent embryo demise, and “plan B” has limited power to prevent conception, demonstrating abortifacient effects.

Facts are inconvenient as they are stubborn, especially within the abortion-rights medical-pharmaceutical complex. In such circles it sufficed when powerfully funded Chilean researcher-lobbyist Horacio Croxatto, career missionary exonerator of contraceptives, recently “proved” plan B's lack of abortifacient effects. Only, it isn't true; Croxatto proved, if anything, that emergency “contraceptives” really do abort — and often. Given before ovulation (before releasing eggs), plan B blocked all 24 expected pregnancies with ovulation unhindered. Birth prevention had very little to do with hindering conception (contraceptive effects), and almost everything to do with ending already-conceived embryos (abortifacient effects).

Effective? Maybe. But you must accept a little embryocide along the way.

No wonder Hobby Lobby sued to avoid the mandate. Unbelievably, unforgivably, no Oklahoma small group health plans allow employer opt-outs. All force employers to provide abortifacients, violating our humanity and our desire to protect the vulnerable, and imposing an ideologically driven fate on the defenseless. We must participate, knowingly or not, in this atrocity, with potential loss of life up to 10 times greater than surgical abortion, itself amassing 5,000 daily.

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