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Press' 'officiating' one-sided

Published: February 9, 2013

Imagine a basketball team not having to play by the rules. Both teams are after the same goal but with two different sets of rules. The officials allow one team to walk, double dribble and foul without a whistle. The other team wants to play by the rules, but struggles to compete at the same success rate.

The officials in this scenario represent the liberal press. The team breaking rules would be the Democratic Party that doesn't hesitate to lie and distort the truth without hesitation or fear of consequences. Its members know the press won't call them on it and their lies won't be exposed. The other team would be the Republicans who are trying to follow rules while knowing they'll be exposed if rules are broken.

Obviously, there's little chance for Republicans to win because of the difference in calls being made by the press. President Obama knows he can say and do whatever he pleases and it won't be called. George W. Bush would've been chastised by the press had he tried to do the same as Obama. Examples include Solyndra and Benghazi — I could go on and on.

Keith Marcum, Mustang


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