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The benefits of dredging ponds and lakes

Published: February 9, 2013

Leo Chiles (Your Views, Jan. 25) made a great suggestion to dredge Lake Overholser while levels are at record low. I've had that same thought regarding Lake Hefner. It would improve the depths for docking areas and increase the potential water volume that's been lost over the years due to silting. The city has the needed equipment and manpower and certainly could transfer the removed soil to areas of need throughout the city. The benefits should equal, if not outweigh, the costs for that action. Anything to improve future water retention and benefit soil relocation to places where soil is needed should be a high priority.

The unfortunate drought has put most of our state's farm ponds in peril. Given the rich silt these ponds would yield for landscaping businesses or individual homeowner uses, if the pond owners could justify the costs of dredging by selling off the removed products, they too could greatly improve the future volumes of water that might withstand dry periods better and provide water for livestock longer.

Paul D. Woodson, Oklahoma City


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