Reserve water for drinking and bathing

Published: February 10, 2013

Regarding “Canton Lake water heads to OKC” (News, Jan. 31): No one will argue that Oklahoma City owns the water in Canton Lake, but the recent move to take water from the lake will have far-reaching effects on the economy of northwest Oklahoma. These individuals will pay a heavy price for Oklahoma City's thirst. I live in Kingfisher, between the lake and the city. Family members who live in Oklahoma City tell me that they see water from automatic sprinklers running down May Avenue on a regular basis.

If Oklahoma City feels that it's necessary to ruin the livelihoods of so many in northwest Oklahoma (not to mention the impact on wildlife), some immediate steps should be taken. All outdoor watering should be outlawed. Yes, even your golf courses! Carwashes should be closed. Water that highly valued should be reserved for drinking and bathing.

If the drought doesn't abate, people in Oklahoma City might find themselves showering in the sprinklers down May Avenue come next August.

Ann Finley, Kingfisher

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