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State leaders like smokers' money

Published: February 15, 2013

Regarding “AG rules cities can't ban smoking in parks” (News, Feb. 12): I'm happy to see Attorney General Scott Pruitt standing for the liberties of 26 percent of Oklahomans against Gov. Mary Fallin, state Health Commissioner Terry Cline and other anti-smoking zealots. Fallin claims to be a conservative but has no problem forcing her will on our citizens and taking away liberties she has no authority over. One of her first acts as governor was to close the smoking area at the state Capitol, which did nothing but let smokers know she doesn't approve of their behavior. In the name of public health, people like Fallin try to shame smokers into behaving as they deem acceptable. This is a liberal tactic.

I was associated with a drug and alcohol treatment center when Cline banned smoking at facilities that got state funds. It's hell to see someone detoxing from narcotics or alcohol who can't have the small relief offered by being able to light up. But that didn't fit Cline's agenda.

I agree with Sen. Brian Crain, R-Tulsa: If you want to talk about banning tobacco, do it. Otherwise, quit trying to force your will and judgment on others. This will never happen because Fallin and other big-government RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) still want funds from the tobacco settlement, which comes from the 26 percent she's trying to shame. They like smokers' money, but they don't like their behavior. Hypocrites!

Stephen Butler, Yukon

The attorney general's opinion says municipalities can't restrict smoking in public outdoor areas because state law bans cities from passing smoking laws that are stricter than state law.


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