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No economic system rivals free-market capitalism

BY YOUR NAME Staff Writer Published: February 18, 2013

Two thousand years ago, Jesus taught the principle of free-market capitalism in the parable of the talents. He saw no need to put any regulations on Sam Seller other than the Ten Commandments, which were already in effect. Since then, no economic system has ever rivaled free-market capitalism for bringing freedom and prosperity to the Sam Sellers of the world and to the people Sam hires.

In the free market, if Sam gets more orders than he can handle, he's free to hire whomever he wants at a wage agreed upon between him and Wally Worker. If Wally doesn't like the offered wage, he can find another employment opportunity more to his liking.

Free-market capitalism is self-correcting and powerful, but it can be virtually destroyed by two things: overtaxing Sam and over-regulating him. After many defeats, liberals in 1913 finally got him overtaxed through a progressive income tax and it has impeded our economy ever since by steadily becoming more “progressive.”

Also, liberals have burdened Sam Seller with 160,000 pages of regulations; the cost of over-regulating has jumped from $8 billion under George W. Bush to $46 billion under Barack Obama. This $46 billion primarily goes to lawyers, unions and government employees, which explains why these entities hate the tea party movement. This movement is the one that most closely resembles the intent of our Founders.

Mike Jones, Oklahoma City


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