Trooper's job, salary should not be based on quotas

Published: February 18, 2013

Regarding “Some troopers concerned about Highway Patrol's ‘quota' policy” (Tulsa World, Feb. 3): Why can't we trust the honesty, common sense and training of our Highway Patrol troopers? By giving them the same goal as a salesperson — job security, promotions and salary based on quotas — we defeat good men and women trying to do a good job. Their jobs are those of service to other people.

This service can't be judged or graded on quotas, quotas that will encourage corruption by people who've tried to be honest. Honesty, common sense and training may not be a choice because good people may find themselves having to choose what they know is right and keeping their jobs to feed their families.

C.A. Lohse, Kingfisher

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