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NBA All-Star Game: Q&A with James Harden, Houston Rockets

Reunion with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook has been “smiles, jokes, memories. We're just having a good time. As soon as I saw them it was all smiles.”
by Darnell Mayberry Published: February 15, 2013

A wide-ranging set of questions and answers during former Thunder guard James Harden's media session with reporters Friday afternoon in Houston.

Q: What's it like having the All-Star Game in the city you play in?

A: “It's great, especially with this being my first time. It makes it that much more special. I'm just going to enjoy it and have fun with it.”

What does it mean to be together again with Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant?

“Smiles. Jokes. Memories. All of the above. We're just having a good time. As soon as I saw them it was just all smiles.”

Is it strange being back on the same team as Westbrook and Durant?

“Nah, it's not strange. It was strange when I played in Oklahoma City. When I was in a Houston uniform playing in Oklahoma City, that was strange. This will be more jokes and smiling and just enjoying each other's company.”

How special is your relationship with Durant and Westbrook?

“It's very special. We were together all summer, in London, having fun, laughing. And then we got split up. But we're back together and it seems like we never left each other. We're brothers. Simple as that. We're always going to be brothers.”

When you first got that call that you made the All-Star team, what was that feeling like for you?

“I just started yelling and going crazy. Last year, I was pretty close to making the All-Star team. But just to hear my name called, it was a great individual accomplishment.”

Would you describe sitting here as an All-Star as your “Mama-I-made-it” moment?


What would that be?

“Winning a gold medal.”

How do you feel that you've evolved as a leader?

“I would say I've done a pretty good job thus far, better than what I've expected. It's my first time being in this role of having an entire organization behind me. So it's a lot of things that I have to learn.”

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