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Not all speeders are reckless

Published: February 22, 2013

“Oklahoma law seems to give triple-digit speeders a pass” (News, Feb. 17) is guilty of oversimplifying the issue. It's not unlike the recent campaign of gun control advocates against the inanimate objects known as guns — ignoring other factors behind the crimes such as criminal intent, mental illness, loss of moral values, bullying and fame-seeking (enabled by the media).

The determination of reckless driving is also due to a combination of factors, which is why this citation is issued at the discretion of officers. As Department of Public Safety spokesman George Brown said, speeding in isolated traffic isn't as dangerous as in heavy traffic or when it's in combination with other violations such as frequent lane changes, tailgating, failing to signal, etc. Most of the other states with tougher standards also have a higher population density.

The 10-point system is tougher than it looks. In theory, an individual could get enough tickets within a single day to hit 10 points. The five-year span is only a factor when tickets are accumulated at a much slower rate.

Bruce Thanscheidt, Bethany