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Speeding fines less for more speed

Published: February 22, 2013

After reading “Oklahoma law seems to give triple-digit speeders a pass” (News, Feb. 17), I realize how stupid I was to not contest a ticket I was given a couple of years ago. My violation: doing 34 miles per hour in a 25-mph zone in a several-block-long area of open fields along Featherstone Road. The patrolman there had a field day, parking at a curb and using radar to catch those of us who missed a small speed limit sign just off Highland Park Boulevard. The fine? $160. The story mentions fines of much less than that for speeds over 100 mph. I'm not crying too much about my fine — I was guilty — but it seems like there should be more equitable justice for such unequal violations.

Bob Fowler, Warr Acres