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Berry Tramel: Ronnie Brewer has strengths that might be able to help the Thunder defeat Miami

The Oklahoman’s Berry Tramel took questions from readers in today’s Power Lunch Chat. Take a look at today’s Q&A and join our Power Lunch Chats Monday-Friday at 11 a.m. on
by Berry Tramel Modified: February 22, 2013 at 12:24 pm •  Published: February 22, 2013

The Oklahoman’s Berry Tramel took questions from readers in today’s Power Lunch Chat. Take a look at today’s Q&A and join our Power Lunch Chats Monday-Friday at 11 a.m. on

Guest 10:58 a.m. Any word on who will fill the remaining open coaching spots at OU?
Berry Tramel 10:59 a.m. Not that I've heard. I mean, some names have been thrown out there, but Stoops seems to have this one a lot more quiet than the Bedenbaugh hiring.
Mike 10:59 a.m. I know most people aren't thrilled about Brewer, but I see him as being an instant contributor and help against the evil empire. Thoughts?
Berry Tramel 11:00 a.m. Well, instant contributor, I don't know. His minutes won't be huge, I don't think. Of course, I didn't think Derek Fisher would play 20something minutes a game. I see Brewer taking all of DeAndre Liggins' minutes, a few of Reggie Jackson's, a few of Thabo's. Maybe 12-15 minutes a game.
Isaiah 11:00 a.m. Any news on who Bob Stoops may be interested in to replace coach Shipp? Who or what kind of person makes sense?
Berry Tramel 11:01 a.m. Recruiting. A good recruiter. That's what makes sense. I don't know that anyone has any problem with Shipp's technique teacher.
Guest 11:01 a.m. I wanted the Thunder to bring in a wing defender to throw at LBJ. I was hoping for
Guest 11:01 a.m. I wanted the Thunder to bring in another wing defender to throw at Lebron. I love Thabo but he is not big or strong enough for Lebron. Is Brewer bigger and stronger than Thabo? I wanted the Thunder to bring in Mbah a Moute, but Brewer seems like a good defender at a better price
Berry Tramel 11:03 a.m. There is no one big enough and strong enough for LeBron. I'm with you. I wanted the Thunder to bring in someone to just throw at LeBron, just to give Durant/Thabo a break. But the truth is, the Thunder has a ton of worries just to get to Miami. The Spurs look fantastic. The Clippers are dangerous. Brewer will help against those teams, too, and without help against those teams, there will be no Miami problem.
Leroy 11:03 a.m. when does spring football start??????
Berry Tramel 11:05 a.m. Let's see. I think OU starts March 4. OSU starts March 11. So the Sooners need to get in a hurry in filling out the staff.
Sammie 11:05 a.m. Is OSU going to be great this year or what? With all the troubles in Norman isn't this good for us Poke fans?
Berry Tramel 11:06 a.m. Well, I don't know how great OSU is going to be, but I think the Cowboys clearly are co-favorites atop the Big 12, along with TCU. I would put OU just below the Frogs and Cowboys.
Leroy 11:06 a.m. Any word yet on the replacements for Jackie Shipp or Bruce Kittle also wasn't West Virginia pretty horrible on the line later in the year?
Berry Tramel 11:08 a.m. You talking about the WVU offense? It had its moments of greatness but also stagnation. That Pinstripe Bowl was awful. But West Virginia was superb offensively a lot of games. I don't know how good of a coach Bedenbaugh will be. It sounds like Bob Stoops really went whole-heartedly into Mike Stoops' endorsement.
Darnell Mayberry 11:08 a.m. All moves the Thunder make should have Miami in mind, and getting a quality defender like Brewer to throw at LeBron for small stretches in a possible NBA Finals rematch is definitely worth a second-round pick. And at an expiring veteran's minimum contract, all the better.
Berry Tramel 11:09 a.m. Oh, I love the trade. No doubt about it. Brewer does figure to help against Miami. But I'm at the point where, worry about Miami when Miami gets here. The Spurs look like a bowling ball of butcher knives.
Vickie 11:09 a.m. Your thoughts on the Thunder trade for Ronnie Brewer and will he have immediate impact on the teams success.
Berry Tramel 11:09 a.m. Immediate success? No. I think Brewer will take some to get acclimated. But I'm anxious to see him Sunday against Chicago. His old team. Will Brewer guard Luol Deng for some stretches? That would be fun.
Vickie 11:10 a.m. Did the firing of Jackie Shipp cost us Damien Williams and the other two players leaving the program?
Berry Tramel 11:11 a.m. Not that I'm aware of. IT was Damon Williams, not Damien, so big difference. Gary Simon just had some personality issues, from what I've heard. The DTs that left didn't seem to be major contributors.
Theboardrider 11:11 a.m. Who's minutes will Brewer take?
Berry Tramel 11:12 a.m. I'd say a few of Reggie Jackson's, all of DeAndre Liggins' and a few of Thabo's. Thabo has been playing a lot more and he could use some rest, because the truth is, Thabo legs work more than any Thunder's other than Durant and Westbrook, and KD and Russ only because of significant more minutes.
Theboardrider 11:12 a.m. Can the Sooners make the sweet 16?
Berry Tramel 11:13 a.m. It's a longshot. The Sooners are headed for a 7-8 seed, something like that, so a potential regional quarterfinal would be against a really good team. If the Sooners could climb into a six seed, or even a five, then it's a more managable situation.
Vickie 11:13 a.m. I am m married to a USC Trojan fan. (I know!) They are going through some difficulties right now and fans are less than happy with the program. They keep wanting the NCAA to reinstate their losses because of sanctions similar to what happened with Oklahoma. Recently, a sports article claimed the coaches and staff "didn't know they could have appealed". Surely they jest! Thankful for the wisdom of David Boren and Joe C. Pat Haden surely isn't that clueless?
Berry Tramel 11:14 a.m. I think Pat Haden is very sharp. So I doubt that he didn't know. Kiffin? I'd believe anything. Best thing for USC would be to start over. Go hire a good coach and rebuild.
Theboardrider 11:14 a.m. Does Sooner baseball have a legitimate shot at a national title? Chance softball and baseball win titles?
Berry Tramel 11:14 a.m. OU softball is the runaway leader for the national title. The Sooners dang near won last year and are even better this year. Baseball? I have no idea. It's February, and I won't know the answer to this even in May.
Guest 11:14 a.m. OU football record for next year?
Berry Tramel 11:15 a.m. Let's go 10-3. That seems to be the standard.
Tom 11:15 a.m. What was Jackie Shipp doing so wrong that he deserved to be fired. Has done a good job for a long time.
Berry Tramel 11:15 a.m. I have to believe it's recruiting. It looks like Bob Stoops wants more recruiting out of his coaches.
tom 11:15 a.m. How big of a threat do you think head injuries are to the future popularity of football?
Berry Tramel 11:17 a.m. Huge threat. Major threat. It's serious business. That's why I think you'll see massive changes. These new rules? Fight them if you wish. But you're going to lose. These rules and safety measures are going to be passed. Get ready for it.
Tom 11:17 a.m. Will OUBB fall off next year with the loss of the Five Seniors?
Berry Tramel 11:17 a.m. OU baseball? Oh, you mean basketball. I love BK or BKB as the abbreviation for basketball. OU will miss Romero Osby, but Kruger is recruiting well. He's bringing in guys. I think the Sooners are on the upgrade.
Theboardrider 11:18 a.m. With the Thunder keeping Lamb and PJ3, it feels like we may be loading up to really be the team to beat in 2015. Thoughts?
Berry Tramel 11:18 a.m. I don't see how Lamb or PJ3 have anything to do with contending in 2015. They are promising young players, but right now they're not even role players. They might crack the rotation by 2015, but there's nothing assure.
Tom 11:19 a.m. A new beginning on defense at OU with the three new coaches, new defensive scheme and so many new players on that side. Will the defense be better next year?
Berry Tramel 11:19 a.m. Maybe. Maybe not. A whole new secondary sans Colvin. Wiped out on the D-line. Do new coaches and a new alignment make up for that? I don't see it. I think the Sooners will have to outscore teams again in 2013.
Berry Tramel 11:25 a.m. Sorry for the delay. I got knocked off. We'll resume.
Theboardrider 11:25 a.m. What do the Sooners need to do to climb to that 5 or 6 seed? Win out and win at least 2 games in the Big 12 tourney?
Berry Tramel 11:26 a.m. Oh, maybe not that much of a spree. But going 6-2 down the stretch would be really good. 7-1 would absolutely do it.
Guest 11:26 a.m. Berry-do you think Thunder trade will get them all the way back to Finals
Berry Tramel 11:27 a.m. I don't think the Brewer trade will affect the Thunder much in terms of winning the West. It will help a little, but not a lot. Brewer's biggest help would come in the NBA Finals.
Theboardrider 11:27 a.m. 10-3 as the expectation. I'd say that's sad but only in Soonerland. Anywhere else that's incredible. But I do expect more.
Berry Tramel 11:27 a.m. Well, two straight 10-3 seasons, with lots of holes, I don't know how anyone could expect a lot more in 2013.
Robert 11:28 a.m. Do you think the Thunder trade will get them back to Finals? What about excellent play of late by Spurs??
Berry Tramel 11:28 a.m. The Spurs are a total load. Of course, San Antone was great last year, too. This season is playing out very much like last season. So the Thunder will have a good chance. But it sure would be nice to have homecourt advantage.
Quincey 11:28 a.m. Do you think the Thunder get a another point guard by the start of the playoffs?
Berry Tramel 11:29 a.m. No. The trade deadline is past. So you either pick up a guy who's been cut, or sign Derek Fisher off the scrap heap again.I like Reggie Jackson better than Derek Fisher.
Theboardrider 11:29 a.m. Well not neccesarily more in 2013, but in general. I'm of the belief that the Sooners should play for a national title at least once every 5 years. That's being one of 10. I think that for a program like Oklahoma that's realistic.
Berry Tramel 11:30 a.m. I would agree. But they're not going to in this five-year stretch. That's clear. Or at least a longshot. Bob Stoops doesn't disagree. That's why he dusted off the guillotine.
Theboardrider 11:30 a.m. Can Brewer handle the ball? Can he run the offense in spots for the 2nd team?
Berry Tramel 11:31 a.m. No. Brewer is not a ballhandler by any means. Don't look to him for much offense at all.
Dow 11:31 a.m. Has enyone ever counted the "you knows" Bob Stoops says in interviews. It's disconcerting.
Berry Tramel 11:31 a.m. It's not too bad. I'd say some of the people asking Stoops questions use a lot more "you know"s.
Theboardrider 11:31 a.m. Who do you see the Thunder drafting this year? Or at least what type of player?
Berry Tramel 11:32 a.m. No clue. I'd draft an international. I'd look for the next Serge.
Theboardrider 11:32 a.m. Who are the Sooners top NFL prospects for 2014?
Berry Tramel 11:33 a.m. Trey Millard. Aaron Colvin. I assume Damien Williams will have a shot. Gabe Ikard, too.
Theboardrider 11:33 a.m. International with the potential top-5 pick? That seems like a spot to get more instant impact.
Berry Tramel 11:35 a.m. Oh, you're right. I wasn't thinking about the Toronto pick. I was thinking Dallas and OKC picks. But the Toronto pick isn't going to be top five. Looks like it will be around 10-11. The Raptors are winning too many games. But again, I don't know. Who can you draft that would crack the rotation? It's a bad draft. If you're not picking top five, what's out there? I mean, Marcus Smart and Ben McLemore are projected top-five, and while they are dominant on the college level -- particularly Smart -- do they look like NBA contributors right away? Maybe. But the guys below them?
tom 11:35 a.m. Do you think the Thunder are a "turn it on in the playoffs" type team? Or should fans be worried about the road woes?
Berry Tramel 11:35 a.m. Good question and we'll see. Let's see how they play the month of March. Teams typically turn up the intensity after the all-star break. Well, it's after the all-star break. So let's go.
Theboardrider 11:35 a.m. Who's the biggest threat next year to Jenks/Union reign of terror?
Berry Tramel 11:36 a.m. I don't have any idea. We don't know if the Cornwell kid will be eligible at Norman North. No one really saw Norman North's ascension in 2012. So I don't know.
Berry Tramel 11:36 a.m. OK, great questions. Appreciate it. Thanks. Talk to you next week.
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