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Government's Medicaid expansion a white elephant

Published: March 3, 2013

Just about the time Oklahoma voters are ready to forget why they've been rejecting the Democratic Party for the last 10 years, up pops Cal Hobson (Your Views, Feb. 25) to remind them. Hobson said the federal government will pay 95 percent of the Medicaid expansion. Yes, but for how long?

This reminds me of the kings of Siam, who, wanting to punish courtiers, would present them with a white elephant. The white elephant was supposedly a magnificent gift, but in reality it bankrupted the courtiers due to the cost of upkeep for the elephant, a gift that could never be disposed of.

Once Oklahoma agrees to the Medicaid expansion, in all likelihood the 95 percent would quickly be reduced to a level designed to bankrupt the taxpayers of Oklahoma. And once Oklahoma buys into the Medicaid expansion, there will be no turning back.

David L. Quinn, Pauls Valley