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Defending use of deadly force on attacking dog

Published: March 4, 2013

Regarding “Dog's death draws animal lovers' fury” (News, Feb. 24): Caisen Green is out on his property and is menaced by two stray dogs. The pit bull charges him; Green kills it. Now pit bull lovers think he was in the wrong? It's insane to value a dog's life over the safety of a person. Those condemning Green weren't there. They don't know what happened. Since when is it wrong to defend your life on your own property? If a person were attacking him, deadly force would be legal. Those who threatened Green seem to think he should've stood there and taken his mauling!

In the article, Erik White, a volunteer with Pit Bull Rescue Oklahoma, stated that “They are no more vicious than any other dog.” When was the last time you heard of a dog fighting ring broken up and saw any breed besides a pit bull? He claims the “propensity for violence is a myth.” According to the Centers for Disease Control, the statistic White ignores is that of all dog bites that result in death or maiming, the pit bull wins hands down over any other breed.

Perhaps Green's Facebook posting wasn't the best forum, but I thank him for calling attention to this problem. We need meaningful legislation to address the threat of dangerous dogs and irresponsible owners. To those threatening Green, if it's you who comes face to face with an angry pit bull, it might scare some sense into you — assuming that you survive!

Margie Eyerman, Oklahoma City


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