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How Russell Got His Groove Back

Carrie Coppernoll Modified: April 18, 2013 at 12:44 pm •  Published: December 30, 2011
Last night reminded me of why I love Oklahoma City and why I love the Thunder.

The game itself was spectacular. A couple of friends gave us their tickets because they were lucky enough to score some second-row seats, where there was a real possibility that James Harden might smash into them. We were in Loud City and cheering our faces off.

But super-amazing, awe-inspiring, scream-inducing, buzzer-beating win aside, something really special happened last night.

We know that Russell had a bad game this week, and it seemed at first like his funk would continue. But he stepped up to the freethrow line in the second half and instead of quieting down, the arena got louder.

“Russell Russell! Russell!”

He sunk the shot and the place went berzerk. He pumped his fist and shouted back at the crowd. I nearly cried. (Is that weird?)

I’ve never been to an NBA game anywhere except for Oklahoma City, so I can’t say what other fans do and don’t do. But I have been to plenty of football and basketball games across the country. Not all fans support their players who are having a rough spot. Oklahoma City does.

It may sound sentimental, but last night was really special. Oklahoma City believes in you, Russell Westbrook, and we believe in the Thunder. Thanks to all the players who believe in this town.