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News of the day – I pledge allegiance … to a beer?

Carrie Coppernoll Published: November 23, 2010

Business. An Oklahoma man is battling federal regulators for the right to print the Pledge of Allegiance on beer cans. Because that’s what the founding fathers would have wanted.

Travel. Full-body scanners won’t be used at Will Rogers World Airpot this holiday season. Oklahoma City travelers will receive the gift of privacy this Christmas.

Crime. A woman is arrested after a police officer finds her slumped over in an ice cream truck, surrounded by suspected drug paraphernalia. Apparently she was selling ice cream in three flavors: vanilla, chocolate and cocaine.

Sports. OU’s Ryan Broyles and OSU’s Justin Blackmon are two of the three finalists for the award given to the nation’s top wide receiver. I’m the third finalist.

And the picture of the day is of Owen Atteberry, who was going through the food line at a Thanksgiving meal prepared and served by Southern Nazarene University for the Putnam City West High School community: