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John Clanton Modified: April 18, 2013 at 12:21 pm •  Published: March 2, 2009

On Monday, members of Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas came to Oklahoma City and Moore to stage demonstrations. There were a few counter-protesters in Oklahoma City, but in Moore, hundreds of people turned out to show that they disagreed with the church members’ signs.  I photographed both sides of the issue, and people responded in a wide variety of ways. Bikers drove up and down the street revving their engines, some people waved flags, held signs or screamed at the church members. WBC protest

Tina Clemens (center) of Oklahoma City, screams at members of Westboro Baptist Church as they hold signs near Moore High School in Moore, Okla. BY JOHN CLANTON, THE OKLAHOMAN

My favorite picture though, doesn’t look like your typical protest picture. It was a peaceful moment among all the screaming and loud engines. Students at SNU in Bethany stopped to pray toward the end of the protest.

WBC protest

Julia Yarbrough, a student at SNU, prays with her classmates during a counter-protest outside Moore High School in  Moore, Okla., on Monday, March 2, 2009. BY JOHN CLANTON, THE OKLAHOMAN

-John Clanton

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