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Pro-gun, gun-control activists should come together

Published: March 8, 2013

Ever since the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre the debate over gun control has been contentious. Pro-gun activists could improve their position if they'd elaborate on viable solutions to gun violence. Ted Nugent, a leading defender of gun rights, offers a possible solution by promoting “no more recidivism.” He believes dangerous criminals should never be released from prison.

The pro-gun image could be further enhanced by refraining from the statement that firearms are needed to overthrow a potential tyrannical government. This talking point can influence radicals such as Timothy McVeigh, who was mad at “the government” and killed 168 Americans by blowing up a federal building. Defenders of the Second Amendment have other, excellent talking points to choose from, and can best prevent a tyrannical government by exercising their right to vote.

The bottom line is that the pro-gun and gun-control activists need to come together to seek a comprehensive solution to our country's carnage.

Cole Herndon, Oklahoma City