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IRS and insurance companies discriminate against gays

Published: March 8, 2013

President Obama is wrong. The marriage between two homosexuals isn't a right protected by the 14th Amendment under the equal protection clause. The union of two homosexuals is a choice, a choice that goes against the accepted principles of our society. Under the president's premise, drug users shouldn't be discriminated against by law because of their choice to destroy their minds and bodies. That premise can fall under an umbrella of numerous examples of personal harmful choices. What is discrimination of all people is who determines inheritance and medical benefits. Every person should be able to choose who inherits their property and who they choose to be a dependent on their medical insurance.

Stop allowing special tax breaks to married heirs and stop allowing insurance companies from deciding who can be on family polices. The IRS and insurance companies are the ones discriminating against homosexuals, not the federal or state governments.

Dub Whalen, Oklahoma City