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Hypocrisy of the highest order

Published: March 15, 2013

The hypocrisy of the Obama administration has reached a fever pitch since the election. Does anyone care that Barack Obama runs the Constitution through the shredder? He's calling for tighter gun control because of the tragedy in Connecticut, but we've funded the killing of 64,000 babies this year. He surrounds himself with children to advocate for tighter gun control. At what point do babies become valuable? We continue to attack the tobacco industry and infringe on personal rights, but there's a growing movement to allow and decriminalize the smoking of marijuana. There's a growing concern over obesity in this nation but we allow billions to be spent on sugary drinks through the food stamp program.

When he was a U.S. senator, Obama had a fit over waterboarding. As president he didn't hesitate to allow a drone to launch a missile through a cafe window to kill an American citizen in Yemen. Will this happen as well on Main Street, America? Finally, Obama wants to make the rich “pay their fair share” in taxes, but we spend $20 million on Obama's vacations and he shuts down access to the White House tours.

All of this makes my head hurt. Hey, Mr. President, can I deduct the cost of my aspirin?

Matthew Dukes, Midwest City