State Democratic legislators not like Obama

Modified: March 21, 2013 at 5:18 pm •  Published: March 22, 2013

“Projection? Democrats' words don't negate record” (Our Views, March 14) makes a head-scratching attempt to compare Oklahoma's Democratic state legislators to President Obama. It's quite a reach to put them in the same boat as the president. They haven't pushed for Obamacare, they haven't attempted to enact gun control and they haven't tried to raise taxes. All they've tried to do are things like investing in education, giving pay raises to state employees and voting against potentially costly, unconstitutional bills that come from socially conservative Republicans.

I fail to see how these qualities warrant off-base comparisons. I know it's easy to go after those who are in the same political party as the president, but you must understand the frustration felt by state Democrats. Any time they look to invest in education, roads and public health and safety, Republicans tell them there's no more money. However, when it comes to voting for tax cut proposals (the latest being one that an estimated 40 percent of the population won't benefit from and will remove potentially $140 million from the state budget), Republicans have no problem saying we can afford it. These aren't extreme views by our state Democrats. They are noble and forward thinking and in no way deserve a comparison to President Obama.

Kent Ward, Oklahoma City

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