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Butch Walker and Flea Take a Bad Hit from the Malibu Fires

George Lang Published: November 27, 2007

butch-walker.jpgButch Walker, the talented songwriter and producer who first hit big with the Marvelous Three in the late 90s and went on to craft big hits for Avril Lavigne, got slammed by the current wave of Malibu fires — really hard. He had just moved his studio into a home he was renting from Flea.

Here’s his statement:

I had just consolidated my entire recording studio and house from Atlanta into the one house In Malibu. I lost everything I’ve ever owned. Every master of every song I’ve ever recorded, every piece of recording equipment, guitars, drums and things I’ve collected over the years, cars, motorcycles, every family memorial, heirloom, picture, and document we ever had… Gone. I feel like I finally know the difference between ‘going back’ and ‘going home’.”

Television coverage of the fires doesn’t really do it justice. I was out there during the October fires, and it nearly blots out the sun. I arrived in Los Angeles at about 4 p.m. during Daylight Saving Time, and it felt like it was about 7:30. You could almost look directly at the sun, but always remember what your 9th grade science teacher told you, boys and girls.

I know it’s hard to worry too much about the rich, but they lose things of sentimental value, too.

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