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Random 10 for Nov. 29, 2007

George Lang Published: November 29, 2007

1. Alice Smith, “Do I.” Alice Smith is a soul singer, but most of her songs fall more within classic Beatles structures — that’s soul based on how you sing it, not on expected conventions. Her debut disc, “For Lovers, Dreamers and Me” — sorry, no Kermit covers there — is a strong beginning, but my prediction is that it will be her second disc that sets the world on fire. She has about a seven-octave range — Kate Bush territory — but her vocal timbre is more along the lines of Alicia Keys. By all means, watch Alice Smith: she will be huge.

2. Miles Davis, “Moon Dreams.”

3. Kunek, “The Swell.”

4. Interpol, “Mammoth.”


5. The Hold Steady, “Take Me Out To the Ball Game.” For all his slurry Asbury Park-isms, you’d think The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn was born barreling down an endless Jersey freeway, speeding past life’s offramps, but while the Hold Steady now make their home back east, they are Minneapolis guys, and super-faithful Twins fans. This takes the old seventh-inning stretch favorite and makes it sound as drunk as a face-painter behind home plate at the bottom of the ninth.

6. Dixie Chicks, “Silent House.”

7. Happy Chichester, “Artificial Fanfare (Music in My Head)”

8. Ghostface Killah, “Be Easy.”

9. Langley Schools Music Project, “Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft.”


10. Os Mutantes, “Panis Et Circenses.” Bread and circuses! This is what our life is in the here and now, right? Staticblog is just one of those circuses, keeping you in the center ring of pop culture’s big top when you really should be watching the world markets or keeping tabs on the Sudan. But no, you’re here reading about Brazilian psychedelia and looking at pictures of Lily Allen. Shame!

Sorry, no bread yet. I’m not really a baking kind of guy — I cook like a talented Parisian rat, but I can’t bake worth anything. I used to make my own pizza crust, but it was like trying to bite your way out of a straitjacket. 

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