Random 10 for Jan. 31, 2008

George Lang Published: January 31, 2008


1. Redskins, “Kick Over the Statues!” Socialist party music from 1986, and note that I didn’t capitalize the “p” in “party.” Yeah, the idea of setting Trotsky boilerplate to music sounds like a swift dash to Boredomland, but “Kick Over the Statues!” is some furious, horn-fueled soul-punk action. This was from their only album, Neither Washington Nor Moscow. The Redskins promptly broke up after its release, but it’s worth the time and energy to find it.

2. Isobel Campbell, “Over the Wheat and Barley.”

3. Emiliana Torrini, “Serenade.”


4. Josh Rouse and Paz Suay, “The Ocean Always Wins.” This is from Rouse’s EP from early last year, She’s Spanish, I’m American, recorded with his girlfriend using GarageBand loops as the basis for the songs. Oddly enough, it doesn’t not sound nearly as artificial as all that, and Rouse should get the lead-off track, “Car Crash,” some more exposure — great, big and beautiful.

5. Kasabian, “Processed Beats.”

6. Hey Willpower and Annie, “Chewing Gum.”

7. Ian Dury and the Blockheads, “Clevor Trever.”

8. Midlake, “Branches.”

9. Eric Matthews, “Lust Takes Time.”


10. Black Kids, “I’m Not Going to Teach My Boyfriend How to Dance With You.” Fans of The Go! Team should be all over this: pure lo-fi beauty from a Jacksonville, Fla. band that sounds like they grew up digging the Northern Soul in old Blighty. So far, they only have an EP out, Wizard of Ahhs, and it’s free at

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