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Random 10 for August 27, 2008

George Lang Published: August 27, 2008

1. Asobi Seksu, “Walk on the Moon.” Despite Matthew Perpetua’s recent rant about shoegaze revival being pointless and excruciating, the new wave of gazers can be pretty astounding. Asobi owes its debt clearly to Lush, while A Place to Bury Strangers, who opened for NIN a week and a half ago at Ford Center, took most of their rule book from Kevin Shields and My Bloody Valentine, as evidenced by my deadly ear pain afterward.

2. Bell X1, “Reacharound.”

3. New Order, “Run 2.”

4. David Bowie, “Warszawa.”

5. Black Flag, “Six Pack.” This great clip shows Rollins back when his neck was smaller than his head. A classic case of enthusiasm trumping ability.

6. Chris Walla, “Our Plans, Collapsing.”

7. Amy Winehouse, “October Song.”

8. The Postmarks, “Know Which Way the Wind Blows.”

9. The Picture, “So Many Days.”

10. Stereolab, “Three Women.” From the band’s new disc and first for 4AD, Chemical Chords. Honestly, that whole Elektra Records thing was a fluke anyway — they’ve always belonged on a place like 4AD, and this first single, “Three Women,” genuinely swings with a great horn arrangement, so anyone who thinks that from a utility standpoint, owning one Stereolab disc is enough, might want to reexamine.

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