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Video of the Day: P—ed Jeans, “False Jesii, Part 2″

George Lang Published: September 29, 2010

The mode of armchair art criticism I hate the most, and I hate it more than I hate many things, is the assertion that “Hell, I could do that.”

Yeah, but you didn’t. Last night, you watched an “According to Jim” rerun.

Watching “False Jesii, Part 2″ actually had me thinking “Hell, I could do that,” but more than that, it made me want to do that because I could see myself doing that and loving it. It makes me want to stand around in unfashionable clothes and casually yell at people. Well, more than usual.

By the way, I use the word “P—ed” almost as much as I use the word “the,” but I don’t want to hear about it from my bosses when they start examining our Web traffic. I mean, today it was a choice between this and the El Guincho video, and I blinked.

Employment is good.