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Oklahoma City Thunder: Most-used refs in NBA playoffs

by Berry Tramel Modified: March 27, 2013 at 4:10 pm •  Published: June 6, 2012

My man Darnell Mayberry blogged today about Thunder fans hatred of referee Joey Crawford. You can read his post here. But it got me to thinking. Which NBA referees are considered the best? It’s easy to figure out. Which ones call the most playoff games?

So I checked. And tonight, Joey Crawford takes the lead for most playoff games called this season. He’s done 12; Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals will be No. 13.

Also with 12 this year are Scott Foster, Ken Mauer and Monty McCutchen. Here is the list, with the series they called (a few refs called two games in a series).

12 Scott Foster: SA-UT, OKC-Dall, LAL-Den, LAC-Mem, Bos-Atl, SA-LAC, OKC-LAL, Mia-Ind, Mia-Ind, Bos-Phi, OKC-SA, Bos-Mia.

12 Ken Mauer: SA-UT, OKC-Dall, LAL-Den, LAC-Mem, Phil-Chi, Ind-Orl, SA-LAC, OKC-LAL, Mia-Ind, Bos-Phi, OKC-SA, Bos-Mia.

12 Monty McCutchen: SA-UT, LAL-Den, LAC-Mem, Phil-Chi, Mia-NY, Ind-Orl, Bos-Atl, OKC-LAL, Mia-Ind, Bos-Phi, OKC-SA, Bos-Mia.

12 Joey Crawford: OKC-Dall, LAL-Den, LAC-Mem, Phil-Chi, Mia-NY,  Bos-Atl, SA-LAC, OKC-LAL, Mia-Ind, Bos-Phi, OKC-SA, Bos-Mia.

11 Dan Crawford: LAL-Den, LAC-Mem, Phil-Chi, Mia-NY, Ind-Orl, Bos-Atl, OKC-LAL, Mia-Ind, Bos-Phi, OKC-SA, Bos-Mia.

10 Mike Callahan: LAL-Den, LAC-Mem, Mia-NY,  Ind-Orl, Bos-Atl, Mia-Ind, Bos-Phi, Bos-Phi, OKC-SA, Mia-Bos.

10 Derrick Stafford: SA-UT, LAL-Den, LAC-Mem, Phil-Chi, Ind-Orl, Bos-Atl, Mia-Ind, Bos-Phi, OKC-SA, Bos-Mia,

10 Greg Willard: OKC-Dall, LAL-Den, LAC-Mem, Phi-Chi, Mia-NY, OKC-LAL, Mia-Ind, Bos-Phi, OKC-SA, Bos-Mia,

9 Tony Brothers: OKC-Dall, LAL-Den, Phil-Chi, Bos-Atl, SA-LAC, OKC-LAL, Mia-Ind, Bos-Phi,  OKC-SA.

9 James Capers: SA-UT, OKC-Dall, LAC-Mem, Mia-NY, SA-LAC, Bos-Phi, Bos-Phi, OKC-SA, Bos-Mia.

9 Ron Garretson: LAL-Den, LAC-Mem, Phil-Chi, Bos-Atl, SA-LAC, OKC-LAL, Bos-Phi, OKC-SA, Bos-Mia.

9 Tom Washington: LAL-Den, LAC-Mem, Mia-NY, Bos-Atl, SA-LAC, OKC-LAL, Mia-Ind, OKC-SA, Bos-Mia.

9 Bill Kennedy: SA-UT, LAL-Den, LAC-Mem, Phil-Chi, Ind-Orl, Bos-Atl, Mia-Ind, Bos-Phi, Bos-Mia.

9 Ed Malloy: LAL-Den, Mia-NY, Ind-Orl, Bos-Atl, SA-LAC, Mia-Ind, Bos-Phi, OKC-SA, Bos-Mia.

8 Rodney Mott : SA-UT, LAL-Den, LAC-Mem, Phil-Chi, SA-LAC, OKC-LAL, Bos-Phi, Bos-Mia.

8 Jason Phillips: SA-UT, LAL-Den, LAC-Mem, Phil-Chi, OKC-LAL, Mia-Ind, Bos-Phi, Bos-Mia.

8 Bill Spooner: OKC-Dall, LAL-Den, LAC-Mem, Mia-NY, Ind-Orl, SA-LAC, Bos-Phi, OKC-SA.

7 Marc Davis: OKC-Dall, LAC-Mem, Phi-Chi, Ind-Orl, Bos-Atl, Mia-Ind, OKC-SA.

6 John Goble: SA-UT, LAC-Mem, Mia-NY, Bos-Atl, OKC-LAL, Mia-Ind.

5 Sean Wright: OKC-Dall, LAC-Mem, Phil-Chi, OKC-LAL, Mia-Ind.

5 David Jones: OKC-Dall, LAL-Den, Ind-Orl, Bos-Atl, Bos-Phi.

4 Derrick Collins: LAL-Den, Mia-NY, SA-LAC.

4 David Guthrie: OKC-Dall, Mia-NY, Ind-Orl, OKC-LAL.

4 Eric Lewis: LAC-Mem, Phil-Chi, Bos-Atl, Bos-Phi.

4 Zach Zarba: OKC-Dall, LAL-Den, Bos-Atl, OKC-LAL.

4 Leon Wood: SA-UT, Phil-Chi, Ind-Orl, SA-LAC.

3 Gary Zielinski: LAC-Mem, Mia-NY, Ind-Orl.

3 Michael Smith: LAL-Den, Phil-Chi, Bos-Phi.

3 Bennie Adams: Mia-NY, Ind-Orl, Mia-Ind.

2 Dick Bavetta: SA-UT, Phil-Chi.

2 Pat Fraher: LAL-Den, Bos-Atl,

2 Scott Wall: LAC-Mem,  Bos-Atl,

1 Tony Brown: SA-UT.

1 Eddie Rush: Mia-NY.

1 Courtney Kirkland: Phil-Chi.

1 Violet Palmer: Ind-Orl.

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