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Darla’s Blog Picks

by Darla Lindauer Modified: April 18, 2013 at 1:40 pm •  Published: March 29, 2013

1.  Fake Science

By Phil Edwards – “I have worked as a journalist, blogger, and grocery cart pusher. I give you the fake facts about science when the facts are too confusing.”

What blog is about – Fake science facts and funny things.

Featured post – Easy Hand Washing Guide! – “Lock bathroom door so contaminants don’t enter! Scrub with Brillo pad.”

I tend to look for sites that are different and new, this site has some of the most funny and unique ways of portraying normal things. As a person with OCD, I was laughing about this because it is a true portrait of how my mind works sometimes! It may not be funny at the time, but it is funny later. I like to think of myself as being more organized and normal and others are different. Ha– Darla Lindauer


2. Peace Love Shea

By Shea Marie – “My life is crazy, busy and a little bit all over the place. From hosting to writing to styling, one thing I know for sure is… I love fashion.”

What blog is about – Fashion, beauty, life, travel, and recipes.

Featured post – Mashed Cauliflower – “There are lots of garnishes that would be good with this, such as fresh dill or low fat sharp cheddar. I used chopped green onion and a little parmesan cheese.”

I have wanted to try this for so long! I found out recently my 3-year-old has an issue that causes her triglycerides to be high. This will be perfect if I can get it right. I think I will be lazy and use the magic bullet though instead of using the handheld masher I have. It is not easy monitoring what a child eats. Now, every time I feed her, I wonder if I am pushing her one step closer to a heart attack at a young age! – Darla Lindauer.


3. Alexandra Wrote

By Alexandra Sears – “I’m a fourth generation Angeleno. Writer, photographer, calligrapher and chatterbox. I was in the circus once. For a day. With unicorns. I was 8. It was magical. I have 11 grandparents. None are in the circus. Unless you consider Hollywood a circus, in which case I come from a circus family. I believe you can find inspiration anywhere, but I think Slim Aarons, Noël Coward and Diana Vreeland are a fabulous place to start. When I was younger, I planned on getting married in college and raising Greenwich Village babies while working on screenplays adapted from short stories I’d penned for The New Yorker.”

What blog is about – Film, fashion, fotos, food allergies, French bulldogs, freelancing – and those are just the f – words.

Featured post –Why I cant Quit Downton: The LOST Conundrum – “Since most of my friends and family watch it, too, no one calls or texts or emails from 9-10 on Sunday nights. It’s an unwritten rule. It’s LOST deja vu.”

Yes, I admit, I am a total addict to Downton Abbey. I accidentally ran across it, and I have watched all three seasons in just about two months! I am not sure what I would do without DVRs and Internet sites that have full episodes. I carried the laptop in to do laundry, took it in the kitchen to make meals, and took it room to room as I cleaned. Like Alexandra says in her post, “I can’t stop watching. Like Cora and Matthew, I’m invested in the estate.”  I faked crying when I saw I would not get to see season 4 until next year. My daughters thought I was nuts and laughed at me.– Darla Lindauer


4. Ana White Homemaker

By Ana White – “I like to build things, especially things made of wood.  As a child, my idea of fun was salvaging old boards, pounding the nails out, and building forts in the woods of Alaska. In college and beyond, I spent my Friday nights painting furniture I found just about anywhere. Always too afraid of power tools, I constantly would think, I could make that, if someone would cut the boards for me. So, it’s no surprise that I married the first man that was building something on our first date. You know him as the Ram (short for Real Alaska Man).”

What blog is about – Building with wood

Featured post – Modular family Entryway Mudroom System – “Got stubborn boots? Just pull out the cart and sit down and remove the boots!”

I am so inspired by this post. This idea is great and has step-by-step instructions! I love organization, and this is a perfect way to organize all the coats and boots. Maybe I could get my kids to not drop their coats on the floor in the living room! Now I need to find a project to work with my 117 pair of shoes! Yes, I counted them this past weekend. – Darla Lindauer


5. Fest300 Traveling With Chip

By Chip Conley – “Believing in the power of collective effervescence, Fest300 seeks to inspire cultural curiosity that can change your life at the world’s 300 best festivals.”

What blog is about – Travel, world festivals

Featured post – How Do They Make it Look so Beautiful? – “At the Harbin Ice & Snow Festival, you’ll get into a habit of dropping your jaw…until your teeth start chattering.”

This is the most amazing display of artistic talent I have ever seen. Also amazing, it started from local fishermen who would hollow out pails of ice to put a candle in for light at night. I am very glad it does not get negative 25 degrees in Oklahoma, but this would be fun to try. I really need to add this to my to-see list! Breathtaking! – Darla Lindauer


6. Quirky Mind Stuff, Richard Wiseman


By Richard Wiseman – “I hold Britain’s only Professorship in the Public Understanding of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, where I researched an eclectic range of topics including luck, self-help, illusion and persuasion. I am based in both London and Edinburgh, like sushi, am fond of dogs, and find Arrested Development very funny.”

What blog is about – Books, quirky stuff, puzzles.

Featured post – Greatest Rope Trick Ever? – “@tomscott brought my attention to this amazing video – wonderful idea and beautifully filmed.”

This is scary, and exciting! I have a few questions though. How do they not hit the wall on the other side, and how can you trust a line shot with a bow and arrow? Just watching this gives me a bit of a rush, but I could not do it. I love adventure and have been on a zip-line before, and I have done a confidence course walking on lines in trees. But those are safe adventures. I do not see any back-up lines on this guy. I have to say not just no, but heck no! – Darla Lindauer


7. Cute Overload

By: It appears this site has many contributors. Meg, NTMTOM (Not That Mike The Other Mike), Pyrit (Yarrr), Sharpy, Brinkle (McBrinkersons), Chief Sister Officer,Sparkster, Goose, The Dude, Board members, and Theo. I hope I got them all!

What blog is about – “At Cute Overload, we scour the Web for only the finest in cute imagery. Imagery that is worth your Internet browsing time. We offer an overwhelming amount of cuteness to fill your daily visual allowance. Drink it in, People!”

Featured post – You Can’t Make This Stuff Up! – “Just an honest mistake. Hey, it could happen to anybody!”

I had a big backyard growing up, a tree house and a great creek with crawdads behind the fence that was so dangerous to play in now that I look back. But one day I got bitten by a possum!  I am telling you the one that bit me was a giant compared to this one. This one is so cute! Makes you wonder why they even exist so tiny. It would take about 10 or more of these little things to do the job of one bigger one. Quite cute though. – Darla Lindauer

Compiled by Darla Lindauer. If you would like your or someone else’s blog to be considered for this column, email

by Darla Lindauer
Data Team Manager
Darla Lindauer, Data Team Manager of the News and Information Center, has been with OPUBCO Communications Group for six years. During this time, she has been successful in developing and implementing multiple strategic operations leading to a...
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