Candidates with extreme positions not tolerated

Published: March 30, 2013

Regarding George Will's “Top priority: Find better candidates” (Commentary, March 24): As an independent thinker who's voted for Democratic and Republican candidates at all levels, I agree with Will that the Republican Party needs to do a much better job of picking candidates if it expects to get its message across nationally. When the message gets lost in the tone of the messenger, then the message is lost. In the last presidential election it seemed that most everyone except the tea party and far right wing of the Republican Party understood that America is politically center right. Extreme positions either right or left aren't rewarded; ineptitude isn't tolerated.

Voters must insist on candidates who are alternatives to the naive intellectuals and those people who choose to live in a time capsule. Diversity in ideas is what made this country great. Having principles isn't the same as insisting on some obsolete or naive party ideology forged by limited minds with loud voices and/or lots of money. Every election year voters voice their frustrations with the rhetoric spewing from both parties. Contrary to popular belief, Independents and moderates do have strong opinions; they just don't insist that everyone else have the same opinions. The candidates from both parties who understand that will get the vote.

James Mitchell, Oklahoma City

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