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Bob Stoops on the K-State win:

Jake Trotter Modified: April 18, 2013 at 4:41 pm •  Published: October 26, 2008

Below is some of what coach Bob Stoops had to say about his team’s 58-35 win over Kansas State…

On the defense in the second half:
Yeah (we played better), but also in the first half we forced quite a few turnovers in short field a good number of times.
The defense was put on the short field a couple of times, too.
I think there were 11 different possessions where the offense got it in within 60 yards.
When that happens you’ve got a chance to score.

On Travis Lewis and Keenan Clayton:
I think they need to get better, but the more experience they get they’re going to keep getting better.
Travis stood out with 15 tackles, 2 INTs. Keenan stripping the ball.
I know they’ll continue to get better gaining experience.
Travis is a heck of an athlete.

On Austin Box’s first start:
He did OK. I think there’s more there. We expect him to play better and better. Again, I think it will be something ongoing.

On any injuries:
I don’t see anything right now that’s very significant.

By Jake Trotter

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