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Bradford and Griffin: Just unlucky

Jake Trotter Modified: April 18, 2013 at 4:41 pm •  Published: October 27, 2009

Six hours after Sam Bradford said goodbye to Oklahoma football, news broke that Sooner Nation’s other blessed son, Clippers rookie Blake Griffin, had a stress fracture in his kneecap that would delay his official NBA debut six weeks.
Plenty credit The Clippers Curse. Others want to throw a dunce cap on Sam Bradford for giving millions of dollars an escape route.

It’s mostly just a shame.

Griffin was a lock at No. 1 in last June’s NBA Draft. Bradford was a probable top five pick in his own draft.
Griffin left. Bradford stayed.
Now, they’re both reminders that sometimes you’re just unlucky. Bradford didn’t let a pair of blitzers through unblocked. It’s not Griffin’s fault the Clippers won the NBA Draft Lottery.

Griffin had more buzz than any rookie in the NBA in the preseason, after he Youtube’d the Lakers’ D.J. Mbenga and earned the nickname “Amazin’” from his Clipper teammates. Maybe the worst part of the injury for Sooner fans is they’ll now have to wait until next year to see the phenom play in Oklahoma again.
Griffin will miss his homecoming game against the Thunder on Nov. 15, and the two won’t play again until March, when the Thunder travel to Los Angeles.

Griffin and Bradford did what they felt was right for them. Sometimes misfortune just gets in the way, no matter the decision.