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Resurrection stands up to close scrutiny

Published: March 31, 2013

Did the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ actually occur? If not, billions of people have been deceived. If so, Jesus proved he was God himself who came to sacrifice his life for our sins, as prophesied, and as he claimed, which arguably means the resurrection was the most important event in history. Atheist Lee Strobel, a Yale Law-trained crime investigator for the Chicago Tribune, set out to disprove the resurrection by interviewing the leading experts from both sides. He thereupon wrote “The Case for Christ” and became a pastor.

Agnostic professor Simon Greenleaf made Harvard Law School famous, and even Europe widely proclaimed him the world's leading forensic trial expert. But after examining the evidence for the resurrection, he wrote “The Testimony of the Evangelicals” and became a Christian. Lew Wallace, the famed Civil War general and governor, also set out to debunk the resurrection. Instead he wrote “Ben Hur.” Hundreds of others have failed their original mission to refute the resurrection, because not one theory stands up to close scrutiny. The evidences and rationales in favor of the resurrection are overwhelming to anyone who actually seeks the truth.

David Wallace, Warr Acres