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Barry Switzer’s Collected Wisdom

Stephanie Kuzydym Published: August 26, 2012
Recently, Switzer sat in his office chair, dressed in a green t-shirt and khakis, and laced his fingers together as he glanced around his office, photos lining one wall and books shelves, the other. So many memories were in that one room. So much wisdom.

Here he shares some more of that wisdom with us.

You get so busy in life and it’s moving so fast. It just goes by. You better stop and slow down.

I’ve arrived where I’ve arrived being who I am.

Surround yourself with good talent and a good team and let ‘em play.

When you recruit them and they go on their own, most of the time you know what you’re getting when you meet the family, what you’re signing on to.

I’m candid. I’m not guarded

You kind of somewhat had to be guarded in what you said. I don’t work for anyone anymore. I work for myself so what I say is what I mean. Doesn’t mean I’m right, but it’s what I believe and what I think. It’s a freedom and an independence that you have that you don’t have to be concerned about losing my job.

I think people want (my word) regardless of the value they place on it because of college football and the years I coached, the success I had and being at Oklahoma. It’s a marquee name and regardless of what my name was, Bob Stoops will have to live that someday and it’s just whoever’s coaching after he moves on, they’ll have to. It goes with the territory.

I’ve always known that I could have done better. I look back. I think everyone has regrets professionally when you think about your career.  You will always look back at certain things and say, ‘I could have done that differently.’ I could have done that differently in college or in pro football. Hindsight gives you that.

Hey, don’t make an emotional decision. Back off. Take your time.

Take time to reflect and get more information and calm down and don’t let outside influences like the media influence you. They can be the pied piper, they can do things. They can create thinking. They think they can hire coaches, fire coaches, politicians – restore them, elect them. I mean, in the way they do have the ability to do that.

There are those coaches that are in coaching and have to get back into coaching and that’s all their life. I found out there’s a word outside of football. I’ve been successful. I’ve won some there and lost some there in the private sector.

The restaurant business is not for me.

You don’t want to go to Bristol, Connecticut. It’s like going to Russia.

Stay healthy. Keep my wits, my mind.

If someone told me to drink a couple of glasses of wine today, I would. Helps you stay healthy. Maybe that’s why I got in the wine business.

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