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A response: Oklahoma vs. Texas Tech

Stephanie Kuzydym Published: October 4, 2012

Earlier this week I wrote an article [Oklahoma Football: Game in Lubbock might offer more problems than just Texas Tech, Sept. 30, 2012]. Some Texas Tech fans have disputed parts of it, namely Eric Mensik’s claim that Oklahoma football players were forced to keep their helmets on for an entire game in 2007. I took Mensik – and his teammates – at their word.

While video evidence does show that not every player had their helmet on the entire game, and athletes do sometimes exaggerate claims made about other programs’ fans, my intention was to report what former OU players told me about their experiences. Never once, though, did I allege anything. I am a reporter and my job is to report first-hand and second-hand references. I quoted an experience Mensik said he had as a second-hand reference.

As for the rest of the experiences described in the piece, several commentators and emails have further confirmed the stories that both Mensik and Trent Ratterree told of things like food being thrown at opposing teams. No one will ever be 100 percent sure whether or not Mensik and Trent Ratterree’s experience did happen. The search for the truth is what makes a story.

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