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Joe Castiglione’s collected wisdom on traditional jerseys

Stephanie Kuzydym Published: October 14, 2012

Heck, he went to the Home of the Maryland-State-Flag-Has-To-Fit-Some-Cool-Way-On-This-Uni, otherwise known as College Park, Md.: Home of the Maryland Terps.

Castiglione knows that sometimes jerseys get a little more creative than the traditional solid color. No, really. Just take his alma mater for example.

“Well, if they were attempting to get everyone’s attention, they certainly accomplished their goal,” Castiglione said. I know there’s just a craze around the country to seek out a unique uniform combination that excites the players, excites the fan base, is attractive to prospective student athletes and each campus gets to choose what reflects their program. So I understand it.”

Oklahoma’s traditional look of crimson jersey with white numbers or white numbers with crimson jerseys is really as detailed as it’s going to get for the football team.

“At the University of Oklahoma, we have a very classic, iconic looking uniform in the sport of football,” Castiglione said. “For the most part, in all of our other sports — although in some cases the uniform designs have changed a fair amount over the years because of the different materials or the styles of uniforms — but by and large, our football uniform is so widely recognizable and emulated, I don’t know why we would deviate from the classic, iconic status that Oklahoma has achieved over many decades.”

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