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Schooner Voyage: Arkansas edition

Stephanie Kuzydym Published: December 6, 2012

Sitting inside Arkansas’ Bud Walton basketball arena, I thought an alarm was going off.

Then I realized it was an arena of Razorbacks doing their famous ‘Woo Pig Sooie’ cheer. Being from the Midwest, it wasn’t a cheer I heard of until that Arkansas fan made her first video

*Pause for effect*

Anyways, one of the incredible parts of this job is traveling to so many Universities and seeing the traditions of other fan bases – so I’m starting a new blog edition. It’s like Berry Tramel’s travel blog except mine will include more photos and videos.

Here we go:
How many mascots does one university need? Apparently four. Here’s all versions of the Razorback mascot.

Razorback mascots
Razorback mascots
Then there’s the chant to “Call the Hogs.” Arkansas really likes this chant, as they did it probably six times.

They love their ‘Woo Pig Sooie’ cheer so much that they had special cardboard trashcans with the phrase on it. It was everywhere.

Arkansas fans were really cordial to me. Since it was the day that serious rumors swirled about Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy heading to Arkansas, I went around and talked to fans about their thoughts. I walked up to approximately 20 fans and they all were willing to stop and talk about the situation. It’s not always like that.

While they were nice outside the arena, they got pretty upset inside anytime the whistle was blown on their team. That and half the student section sat and only stood to grab a t-shirt from the t-shirt launcher …but the pep band was cool. They did a neat rendition of the ‘William Tell Overture’ and turned it into ‘Hey Jude’ by holding a single note and then playing on.

At the end of the game, the student athletes thanked the student section while the pep band did one final song. No Woo Pig Sooie this time.

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