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Community bids farewell to Aubrey McClendon

As he built Chesapeake Energy Corp. into the nation's second largest natural gas producer and did his part to develop his hometown into a big league city, Aubrey McClendon has become one of the most recognizable people in Oklahoma City.

FROM STAFF REPORTS Modified: March 31, 2013 at 9:09 pm •  Published: April 1, 2013

As he built Chesapeake Energy Corp. into the nation's second largest natural gas producer and did his part to develop his hometown into a big league city, Aubrey McClendon has become one of the most recognizable people in Oklahoma City.

Now McClendon is poised to embark on a new chapter in his life, leaving the company he co-founded in 1989 with partner Tom Ward after losing a power struggle with Chesapeake's newly remade board.

The board has not named McClendon's successor, but the only chief executive in Chesapeake history will not soon be forgotten.

The Oklahoman received dozens of responses after asking readers what they wanted to say to McClendon, and the sentiment was strongly positive. The ratio of messages that were pro-Aubrey to those that had negative views was about 10-to-1. We tried to reflect that in these published comments.

No one person has done more for Oklahoma City than Aubrey McClendon. Ever. He is a looming figure with an immaculate aesthetic, and a character in the most positive sense.”

Terri Savage

Thank you, Aubrey, for creating a great place to work and for working toward a better community, state and country. Thank you for not giving up when the government would not get behind you to carry out your vision of a better country with cleaner skies, cheaper energy and more jobs for Americans. I feel blessed to have worked for you. Chesapeake will not be the same without you. God bless you for your vision and for treating employees like they matter.”

Amanda Clark

We are all changed because of Aubrey. He didn't just change the landscape at 63rd and Western. His brilliance and fortitude in the oil and gas industry have been transformational in our communities, our city and our state. Oklahoma is making the ‘hip and cool lists' that we never dreamed of making before. Aubrey's personal generosity and that of Chesapeake to the nonprofit sector have allowed hundreds of thousands to be impacted and changed forever. And personally, I feel my own children will experience a better life in Oklahoma, with great thanks to our local energy companies. As a nonprofit business leader, and a proud Oklahoman, I thank you Aubrey. His office address may be changing, but we all know this has a Schwarzenegger ending, ‘He will be back!'”

Deborah McAuliffe Senner, CEO of Allied Arts

No argument that McClendon has done a lot of good for OKC, but it is easy to give away money that is not yours and then personally reap the rewards of those donations. The money given by McClendon is really the money of all shareholders of Chesapeake. That is the reality. The owner of Hobby Lobby can give all he wants, as there are no shareholders and it is his own to donate or give away, not shareholders' money. Big difference when comparing the two. Donating other people's money is easy and as the saying goes ‘nobody is more frugal with money than its owner.'”

John Petree

Aubrey truly has Oklahoma in his heart! His leadership and generosity has touched so many and we will never know its depth, nor will it ever be forgotten! It lives on in all the beautification projects, schools, individuals, churches, businesses, government agencies, nonprofits, etc. There were so many random acts of kindness that his name, and (wife) Katie's, will always be remembered by kids and adults alike for lifetimes! A summer intern program, for example, personally funded by the McClendons, gave teens an opportunity to learn the meaning of hard work and to appreciate the value of a dollar. Their pay was based on the quality of their work, respect for their peers and a good attitude Hundreds of teens over the years were given this opportunity for professional and personal growth. Aubrey and Chesapeake are like milk and cookies! Hard to imagine one without the other! He raised CHK to be a shining star, from its dedicated and philanthropic-minded employees who do everything from mentoring ‘at risk' children, to gobs of vegetables from the employee garden donated to the Food Bank, to its beautiful campus as a destination for weddings, engagements, kid photos, fundraising events and so much more! Tiptoeing through the tulips in spring and cuddling under the fairyland of Christmas lights in the winter are the little details that many of us will never take for granted! All thanks to Aubrey's incredible vision and his huge heart for sharing! What incredible gifts to the community, gifts that so many look forward to annually! He challenged others to step up to the plate and join in the giving to our city, big or small, every penny counted! We went from ‘Oklahoma is OK' to ‘Oklahoma Proud' because one man believed we were way better than just OK! Oklahoma City's quality of life is on top now. Hey, we finally have Whole Foods! Aubrey, the legacy you gave this city will live on, just as your name and Katie's will! With such an incredible first phase, we will all be on pins and needles waiting for what's around the corner in the second phase of your career! Thank you is certainly an understatement. We owe you so much more!”

Linda Horn

Visionaries are few and far between. Aubrey McClendon was a man with a vision for his company, his community, his city and his state, so he made a lot of money for himself. Why should he not? Just look at all the thousands he employed with good wages and benefits. Just look at all the mineral interest owners he made prosperous. Just look at all the well service companies he made money for. Just look at the schools, charities, arts and sciences he helped support. Now imagine what losses those people and entities might face under the cold blooded leadership of the corporate raiders. All of Aubrey's vision will disappear in the blink of an eye and Oklahoma City will be stuck with the consequences. I think all Oklahomans who can afford to buy shares in Chesapeake should do so. Perhaps the ownership majority can come back to Oklahoma so that we can vote Aubrey back in so he can complete his vision. There may not be another person of his vision and passion in Oklahoma City for a long time to come. That will be a real shame.”

Robert White

There is MORE to this story about a man of power, who has a questionable vision of a future, who must possess, control and bully. Nichols Hills and Oklahoma City will be better off WITHOUT this kind of CEO or chairman of the board.”

William Elliott

Chesapeake without McClendon is like Apple without Steve Jobs. Aubrey McClendon has enriched my life since childhood. He is a genius, a friend and a noble champion. That is why I challenge all others who have benefited from him to buy shares of CHK and restore the vision and leadership our country needs, now more than ever. I am buying shares today, are you?”

Stephen B. White

Thank you for all that you have done for this city! My Oklahoma City University scholarship was a direct result of your private university gift. I was able to receive a top-of-the-line education because of your generosity. Thank you!”

John Riesenberg

What would I say to Aubrey McClendon? Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for the Oklahoma City community. For supporting the growth of our community, the arts, the Boys & Girls Clubs, our medical facilities and many other unrecognized charities and nonprofits that you have funded throughout the years. Your unselfish generosity has changed Oklahoma City for the better.”

Gary Schones, senior membership manager for Greater Oklahoma City Chamber

For years I have enjoyed the perky pansies that brightened a glum winter day along my way to work on Western. Then later the pink tulips, and in the heat of summer, the pretty mix of colors everywhere. And, oh the Christmas lights! Thank you for not only the beauty on and near the Chesapeake campus but at Belle Isle, Northwest Expressway, Horace Mann Elementary School, the Oklahoma River. Wherever Chesapeake was, there was great improvement. My appreciation for all that Oklahoma City has received from Aubrey McClendon and Chesapeake. Well done! May your future be as bright as your past.”

June White

What can be said about/to Aubrey other than thank you, thank you! Aubrey, you brought your big ideas, endless optimism and eternal tolerance for risk to bear on Oklahoma City and propelled us into the national spotlight. Above all, you and Chesapeake made incredible investments in hundreds of Oklahoma institutions like Price College at OU and we will be eternally grateful and forevermore changed for the better. Bless you.”

Mary Lurry, executive director of development and alumni relations at the University of Oklahoma's Price College of Business

I think Tom Ward's article said it all and we all do owe you a huge thank you and debt of gratitude for what you have accomplished and done for our city and state. You are wished the best both personally and professionally. Your vision and contributions will live on and hopefully Chesapeake will also. It is a sad day.”

Beverly Cramer

With the successes Mr. McClendon has brought to Chesapeake I admire him a bunch. The only thing I think he is guilty of is the same thing that has taken over the whole world: GREED.”

Mel Kohn

I've seen and visit at his son's games from Little League on up, visit with Aubrey's dad as both grandfathers (myself & his dad) looked on, what a gentleman! The support he gave his son and team was great. Like a regular dad. What he's done for our city is just wonderful. Aubrey hope you remain a friend to OKC. Thanks for all you've done.”

Robert Maness

What are your long-term plans for Pops in Arcadia? And do you plan to develop any other areas in that town for Route 66?”

Ron Warnick

As a former director of several nonprofit organizations, I want to thank Aubrey McClendon for the tremendous generosity he and Chesapeake have shown toward many organizations who help people. I really appreciate it when someone who has done well shares their wealth with others who need help. Under McClendon's leadership, private giving in central Oklahoma was ratcheted up several notches. Other companies jumped on the ‘giving bandwagon.' No doubt thousands of lives were changed for the better. It has also been wonderful to see an Oklahoma company do so well and provide so many good jobs, bringing people into Oklahoma. Having worked with a number of Chesapeake employees over the years, I appreciate their professionalism and enthusiasm for their work. I wish Aubrey success in his future endeavors.”

Jo Ann Pearce

I am very appreciative of Mr. Aubrey McClendon. In 2006 I was living in a condo at King's Court Condominiums on 63rd, close to Western. When Chesapeake acquired these condos, I was paid handsomely for my small dwelling. I will always be grateful for the generosity shown by Mr. McClendon and Chesapeake.

Marla Balentine

Coming from an Oklahoma family who has 88 years invested in the state's oil field, I have witnessed many Oklahoma oilmen who were undone by their unorthodox management styles including my late grandfather, Ray E. Christian, who was a 1960s pioneer in Oklahoma's workover and well service industry. Although they rise quickly to the pinnacle of success, and often fade into the next ‘bust' which always seems to come, they all have two things in common: an unquenchable desire to succeed, and a spirit of generosity that makes Oklahoma a better place to call home. Today, Oklahoma residents enjoy the cumulative generosity of these men, whether they know about the back room battles fought on behalf of our state or not, but there is one who stands above the rest when it comes to advancing Oklahoma City, Chesapeake Energy founder Aubrey McClendon. Aubrey has been instrumental in transforming our town into a metropolitan city that we all can be proud of a city that suffered from a 25-year-old hangover after the 1980 soireé of $40 oil busted a few years later and turned downtown into a ghost town, and Wiley Post Airport into a parking lot of ‘bank-owned' corporate jets. Until Oklahoma City became the beneficiary of Aubrey McClendon's vision and generosity, we did not have much to ‘Thunder Up' about. Although he is certainly not the only Oklahoman responsible for our city's recent revitalization, he has been the most courageous from a financial point a view, and has suffered at the hands of outside interests, mainly East Coast hedge fund managers who have never been fond of new ‘Okie billionaires.' Ironically, the same Wall Street insiders who engineered credit default swaps have derailed the second largest producer of natural gas in the U.S., along with its CEO and board of directors, all in the name of ‘financial accountability.'

Wall Street's criticism of McClendon's spending on Oklahoma has overshadowed his contributions to our national energy infrastructure. Chesapeake's development of shale oil and gas technologies have resulted in historic increases to U.S. oil and gas production and Aubrey McClendon is largely responsible for this fact. After all of the good McClendon brought to Oklahoma over the past two decades, there will be some who say he overbuilt, inflated real estate values and left numerous projects unfinished. Since he did not get to finish the job, these unfair criticisms may become convenient truths to his critics who are currently warming their frigid Northeastern offices with Chesapeake natural gas. One thing is for certain, Aubrey McClendon's abilities and unquenchable desire to succeed will bring him back stronger and more determined than ever, and like the majority of other Oklahomans who appreciate his efforts, I hope his return to the industry is sooner rather than later.”

Mark S. Christian

It isn't often one gets to share happenings with others. To elucidate, when Christmas season rolls around, it is a most pleasant time for me. Aubrey and Chesapeake have provided a ‘soul-stirring' sight in the Christmas lights that encompass their properties. Taking pictures of the trees lit up does not do justice to the scene. My family makes it a point to drive over to the Chesapeake campus numerous times to look at the setting. I wrote to Aubrey and expressed my appreciation for the display. He responded back to me by sending me a large box filled with Chesapeake mementos. Clearly a box of thank-you items from a generous man and his company. To say that we will miss him is an understatement. I am not a stockholder, just a person filled with admiration for this unique man and the company he founded. Oklahoma City is poorer with his departure.”

Ross L. Arnold

Many do not know the extent of your kindness and community stewardship. The involvement of you and your employees I have seen personally. From five employees showing up on a Saturday after a tornado destroyed my friend's home. They came with front loader and worked all day. Then over 10 years your employees have provided a sack of groceries and a Christmas stocking to 50 seniors. Then a Christmas tree covered with food and supplies for teen moms at Emerson Alternative School. Or the 50 books on the beginning of the oil drilling in Oklahoma City that you donated so my grandson could give to his hosts in China. Giving and community responsibility starts at the top and trickles downward. I am ever grateful for you and allowing me to witness your goodness.”

Evelyn H. McCoy

Having owned Chesapeake stock for a number of years and knowing a large number of former and current Chesapeake employees Aubrey's actions were both irresponsible and reckless. He had been using public company assets for personal gain for countless years and had people on the payroll managing his personal assets full time. This is a chief executive not knowing the difference between managing shareholder value and using the company as his personal piggy bank. Too many executives get away with this reckless behavior because of the lack of over site within some publicly traded companies. The board of directors either is too scared or to inept to enact any measures of responsibility and Aubrey got away with his unethical behavior for too long. Hopefully the SEC does what it is supposed to do and brings him to justice. I am glad to see him go as the head of Chesapeake. Hopefully the future will be brighter for both employees and shareholders.”

Chris Couture

What Aubrey has done for this community is immeasurable. Generosity and greatness are two words that describe him to a tee. He will end up on top again without a doubt. Good luck and God bless to him.”

Judy Love, co-founder of Love's Country Stores

Thank you for a job well done, Mr. McClendon! OKC is a nicer place to live and visit because of you. Please continue your efforts.”

Anny Castoro

I've watched with awe and admiration as you've made the transformation of OKC into a world-class city part of your business plan. The contributions you've made eclipse, in generosity and vision, anything the previous generation of elders did for the city and I look forward to the unveiling of a suitable monument to you and your passion for our city. On behalf of my family, who's been here for a century, I sincerely thank you and look forward to your next venture.”

Joe Mallonee

Aubrey is brilliant and resilient. As entrepreneurs those are ‘must-have' traits for major success. In business, we all have ups and downs. It's what we do when we are down that counts! I believe Aubrey will create another major successful firm and will continue his incredible philanthropic efforts to make Oklahoma a greater place to live. Let's also don't forget his activity in public policy. He lives the term, if you run a business and you aren't involved in politics, then politics will run your business.”

Terry Neese, CEO of Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women

Thanks for your generosity and everything you did for Oklahoma City. I pray that the Lord continues to richly bless you.”

Walter E. Harris

Thank you for your vision, and all that you have done to better our city.”

Doug Waggonner

OKC has benefitted greatly from your ingenuity and we will need your Midas touch once more for our growing community. You have created a stellar company and no doubt you can do it again! Every setback can be a catalyst to greater, more substantial things! I look forward with anticipation to see what you will accomplish next!”

Landon Loud

Aubrey McClendon's tenure at Chesapeake has been an example of how a business leader can have such a positive effect on a community. With McClendon's leadership, he has contributed to OKC's growth and national prominence to an extent no other prior business leader has done. OKC will forever be indebted to Mr. McClendon for his leadership. His departure from Chesapeake will be a sad day for OKC. He deserves a statue!”

Bob O'Bar

To a true visionary whose leadership will be missed greatly at Chesapeake, may your best be yet to be.”

Sarah Rodriguez

God bless you and best of luck. You did a lot for us Oklahomans.”

Mark Gantt

I only can speak of what I know. I have been fortunate to have been in the oil field starting in 1974. There have been slowdowns and busts but for the most part, we living here have been able to put food on the table throughout the years. Things are fixing to change, we can only hope for the better. Thanks again.”

Aubrey has set trends in the oil field that not any one owner of a major or independent oil company will ever duplicate. He has taken risks that not one other operator would ever think about taking. What people don't realize is that because of his forward approach, Oklahoma has made it through the toughest economical times of my knowledge and probably previous hard times as well. Everyone that does or has strapped on a pair of steel-toed boots in any state where drilling exploration is going on should thank Aubrey for his run at keeping thousands of men and women working and gas flowing to the delight of thousands of land and mineral owners who benefit from Aubrey's leadership. One thing is for sure: Change. Oklahoma and all other states will see a difference without Aubrey at the wheel. Chesapeake will too. Chances are it will not be good.”

Joe Bill Moad

Not only have Aubrey and Tom (forgive my informality) been tremendously generous and important to OKC, they have a positive impact of those of us who live in Enid and other towns and cities throughout Oklahoma. These two men have made a huge impact on the entire State. OKC is a No. 1 destination for those of us who enjoy many nice venues, restaurants, events and other enterprises which are owned, supported and sponsored by these two men, including the OKC Thunder. We have relatives who moved from Texas to work for Chesapeake. We have other relatives in Enid who have businesses that are contracted by SandRidge. There is much to lose if things change from the generous business relationship these two men and their companies have shared with OKC and the entire state of Oklahoma. Aubrey and Tom have shared their success which we appreciate very much.”

Gene Brown

Thanks for all you have done for not only Oklahoma City but for the state of Oklahoma. I don't think a lot of people realize how much you and Chesapeake do and have done. Best wishes on your next adventure. Can't wait to see what's up your sleeve next.”

Justin McGavock

Aubrey McClendon is hero to our industry and is a legend in this business!

No one can or will replace him! We love you, Aubrey!”

Ann Hallam

Thank you Aubrey McClendon (and family) for everything.”

Cathy Davis

It's both sad and expected that there would be repercussions from the overspending and borderline illegal movement of funds from Chesapeake to McClendon's private use. Unfortunately, in my professional experience, that behavior isn't all that unusual. Those people with great vision but not a lot of self-discipline need people around them to remind them that the organization they've created is not their personal possession to use for their private benefit. Oklahoma is watching two examples of why many of us loathe vulture capitalism and would never have voted for one of its leaders for president. They find vulnerable situations like Chesapeake and SandRidge, finagle to get control, and then take them apart piece by piece while sucking them dry with fees, commissions and expenses that benefit their friends. They and their cronies end up with lots of money; the former company ends up leveraged to the hilt or bankrupted. These people don't have their hearts in Oklahoma like Mr. McClendon and Mr. Ward, so it's hard to imagine that near the contributions that we've seen to OKC would continue with these new company leaders. My hope is that McClendon and Ward will be able to continue in a new way with perhaps a new vision to benefit themselves and Oklahoma.”

Julia Burns

I applaud Aubrey McClendon's vision, his action and his incredibly creative abilities which have set Oklahoma City and the state of Oklahoma as a whole on a path of economic success. While doing this he has beautified and instilled in the community a wonderful realism that we are as fine as the lyrics to our state song claims. Aubrey's talent to transform and redeem real property, morale, investment and our private nonprofit entities have made Oklahoma City in particular a gleaming example of how to grow a healthy city benefiting everyone. I am proud of what he has infused into our city from beautiful community sector rehabilitation to Thunder pride to a booming economy. For anything he has done wrong, he has done so much more that is right.”

Carol Hefner

I would like Aubrey to know how much I appreciate all he's done for the metro area. He's a true visionary. I wish him the best of luck and would like to see him continue to be successful in Oklahoma City!”

Phyllis Bennett

I'm not one to write things like this, but after meeting Aubrey and seeing his genius over the past 20 years, he has impressed me to be one of the greats in the business and one of the greatest citizens of our community. Looking back and seeing him invest so much into our community and groups within, he should be honored for years to come. On the other hand, after seeing the childish greed of (Carl) Icahn for close to 30 years and his damage he causes where ever he goes, it hurts me to see what he's done to our state and city. He does more damage than a killing armed robber, but has found a way to use the law to his advantage to make him a billionaire, not out of good, not out of great leadership or entrepreneurial skills, but by using the weapon of his ‘stolen' funds all in the name of some of the darkest sides of capitalism. He has gone to great lengths to make Gordon Gecko of ‘Wall Street' to look like a saint, if any comparison was worthy of having to mention his name. Now, he's out to destroy one of the last great computer companies of the USA in his attack upon Dell. Aubrey, you showed us real leadership, real philanthropy, real compassion and what a real Oklahoman is. I am honored and proud to have known you. God bless your future and family,”

Larry Wickline

Thanks to Mr. McClendon for all he has already contributed to Oklahoma City.

With his middle name being Kerr and being a descendant of Sen. Robert S. Kerr,

I believe he has only just begun. Reminded of the book authored by Sen. Kerr, ‘Land, Wood and Water,” I expect Mr. McClendon to make further contributions in those natural resources as well as helping move the United States toward independence in oil and gas.”

J.R. Cook, United National Indian Tribal Youth Inc.

Aubrey, you are a brilliant visionary and risk taker, so why did you blow it? Why did the natural gas industry use a new technology to glut the country with natural gas and destroy its own market? Why is the industry trying to justify the exporting of natural gas when our own country won't use it? It is a far superior fuel to coal in every way, yet even the state of Oklahoma is suing the EPA so our own electric utilities can continue to use coal to generate electricity with no penalty for polluting the environment. How does this make sense, unless we give ZERO VALUE to the environment in our economic decisions? Are you going to be a champion of natural gas, including CNG, in your next business ventures?”

Mark J. Haden

Thank you, Aubrey, for all you have done for Oklahoma City and our community. Your vision and investment is very much appreciated.”

Darla Cain

I was let go from Chesapeake in 2009 for the simple fact that I acquired Type 1 diabetes shortly after starting at Chesapeake. Then three years later some of my old co-workers get let go because they were over 55 years old. What kind of compassion do you possibly have? No wonder you having troubles with what was once your company.”

Shairell Smith

As a former employee who thoroughly enjoyed three and a half years at Chesapeake, I would like to say thank you for letting me workout and play sports at lunch.”

Shea Shelby

Since I moved to Oklahoma City in 1990, Mr. McClendon has made a positive impact on more Oklahomans' lives than any other individual. I am saddened with what has transpired over the past few months. Unfortunately, I believe five years from now OKC will see the impact: financially, culturally and within sports and entertainment. People have no idea of all Aubrey and Tom (Ward) have done for this city. Easily a $1 billion impact!”

Brad Lund, Sold Out Strategies

Thank you for supporting OKC and all you have done. You will be greatly missed, as you have helped OKC change for the better.”

Loretta Woolley

I am grateful to Aubrey for dreaming big dreams and bringing them to fruition, for the thousands of families who benefit from jobs he created and for his generous investments in our great community. It will be exciting how he next puts his shoulder to the wheel!”

Paul Moore

Thank you for your leadership! Our city owes you a lifetime of respect and gratitude for what you've accomplished for and through Chesapeake Energy. I hope the sequel (“Aubrey, Part Deux”) is as good or better than the original.”

Rob Crissinger

Say what you will about Aubrey McClendon but you have to agree, he was selfless in his vision for Oklahoma City. His heart was always in the right place. Sure there are those that would chastise Aubrey for his wealth but again, I see how he used that in a positive manner. We all have the same opportunities he had but some just choose to ignore the possibilities and hope luck will put them in the right place at the right time.”

Bill Smock

Aubrey McClendon had no respect for the shareholders of Chesapeake Energy. He disregarded the shareholders and used the company as his own personal piggy bank. Whatever Aubrey did for the city of Oklahoma City came at the expense of the shareholders of the company. Aubrey and Chesapeake's lead attorney, Henry Hood, stonewalled shareholders and the SEC for years as they demanded more disclosure about the Founders Well Participation Program. Aubrey would have fit in well with Ken Lay, Jeff Skilling, Andy Fastow, and the highly leveraged looters at ENRON. Throw in Frank Keating, Don Nickles and the rest of the overpaid ‘yes men' that comprised Aubrey's ‘on-the-take' board of directors. Aubrey McClendon has been thrown out of the company he founded for one reason: He never accepted the fact that he NO LONGER OWNED the company once he took it public.”

Lea Cabrerra

We loves old Aubrey!”

Jamie Pitts

The city needs to prepare to get along without SandRidge and Chesapeake. Neither of the groups that are taking control of these companies care one iota about the community or the people of these companies. They are in it for one reason only, suck all the money out they can and then sell them. I think within five years neither of these companies will be located in Oklahoma City nor any city.”

LuVern Dokter

I'm a first-grade teacher in Oklahoma City. Mr. McClendon started a mentoring program at our school. Every child has a mentor. The mentors come once a week. At Christmas, Santa comes and brings each child a backpack filled with our school's uniform clothing, including coats, hats and gloves. Of course, each mentor buys Christmas gifts and we have a Christmas party. Most of these mentors stay with the students through middle and high school. These are Title I students. They are from one parent, foster parents or grandparent homes. This program opens up a whole new world of hope. Mr. McClendon also has our yard taken care of, it's won awards. He provides us with a printer and has it serviced. Oklahoma City teachers are underpaid and underappreciated. Mr. McClendon has made a positive impact on the teachers and students of Oklahoma City. Thank you. Oklahoma City is a better place because of Aubrey McClendon.”

Jeanne Fisher

I am sorry to see Mr. McClendon leaving Chesapeake. He built a great company here in Oklahoma City. This has helped our economy very much. I wish him the best in his next business.”

L.M. Satterlee


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