Tax plan could save families 15 cents a day

Published: April 3, 2013

In “Support grows for Fallin's plan to trim state's top income tax” (News, March 24), The Oklahoman calculated the average income tax savings for a family making a little more than the median state family income would be approximately $50 a year. This calculates to 15 cents a day. Higher-income families would save slightly more. In a Point of View in the same issue of The Oklahoman, former Govs. George Nigh and Frank Keating pleaded for properly funding the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. Keating and Nigh pointed out that our troopers risk their lives every day to make us safe but we're negligent in taking care of them financially.

On the same page, state Sen. Kyle Loveless, R-Oklahoma City, articulated the short-sightedness of the Legislature in failing to fund and complete the American Indian Cultural Center and Museum in Oklahoma City. Additionally, recent articles have described again and again the critical need to repair and fix our Capitol building, which is literally coming apart because Gov. Mary Fallin and the Legislature fail to govern and address the problem in any meaningful manner.

We can all enjoy our 15 cents a day that the tax cut zealots will apparently bestow upon us lowly taxpayers. Just think: If the average Oklahoma family saves up this tax reduction for a week, they can buy a cup of coffee at 7-11! After two weeks they can buy a small cup at Starbucks. I wish our officials would properly fund our state and stop this myopic focus on income taxes. We can buy our own coffee. The state can keep the 15 cents and put all those nickels and dimes together and fix real problems.

Paul Woolsey, Oklahoma City

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