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Berry Tramel: Blake Bell likely to start as Oklahoma's quarterback

The Oklahoman’s Berry Tramel took questions from readers in today’s Power Lunch Chat. Take a look at today’s Q&A and join our Power Lunch Chats Monday-Friday at 11 a.m. on
by Berry Tramel Modified: April 4, 2013 at 1:37 pm •  Published: April 4, 2013

The Oklahoman’s Berry Tramel took questions from readers in today’s Power Lunch Chat. Take a look at today’s Q&A and join our Power Lunch Chats Monday-Friday at 11 a.m. on

Berry Tramel 10:59 a.m. Hey, everybody, I'm up and running. So send in your questions and we'll get started.
Your Name 11:00 a.m. Berry, Wishing Louisville was in t he Big 12
Berry Tramel 11:01 a.m. No kidding. What a great addition Louisville would have been, for everything. Great basketball. Good football. Go to 11 teams and then you have options. 10-game conference schedule or eight-game conference schedule. Double round robin in hoops. Interest would soar. TV would be pleased. No reason not to do it, other than initial greed and short-sightedness.
Your Name 11:01 a.m. What do you think is the likelihood of the Thunder resigning Kevin Martin? I wouldn't mind seeing them let him go. Too much money for too little production.
Berry Tramel 11:01 a.m. Well, the Thunder isn't going to pay Kevin Martin $11 million. But if he stays for $7-8 million, that's different. I think there's a decent chance he stays for a lower amount of money. The Thunder needs off the bench scoring.
Your Name 11:02 a.m. Better move? Amnesty Perk this summer or next?
Berry Tramel 11:03 a.m. Well, I'd say next, since that would mean the Thunder would have a center next season. I don't understand the amnesty-Perk movement. The Thunder has a clear plan. Two big scorers, the other starters defenders. Get rid of Perkins, and you're likely to not have the defensive presence. Replace him with a better offensive player, and that offensive player could be down on the block all game long, clogging the lane for Westbrook and Durant. I wouldn't amnesty Perk.
Your Name 11:03 a.m. Berry, who do you think will be OU's quarterback next year. Think they start with Bell and move to someone else?
Berry Tramel 11:04 a.m. I think Blake Bell starts. I have no idea if he keeps the job, though I have no reason to think he won't. Bob Stoops almost always goes with the more veteran guy, and in this case, that's Blake Bell.
Your Name 11:04 a.m. Surely OSU is going to redshirt Wes Lunt this year, right?
Berry Tramel 11:05 a.m. If he doesn't win the job, I would think so. But I think Lunt still can win the job. Still, the best scenario for OSU is Chelf stays the starter, plays well, Walsh is the special-package QB and Lunt redshirts, ready to take over in 2014.
Jeff 11:05 a.m. Prediction for tonight's game?
Berry Tramel 11:06 a.m. I'll go Baylor over Iowa for the NIT title. Oh, you meant Spurs-Thunder? OK, if you insist. I'll go Thunder, because I'm an eternal optimist.
Hairy 11:06 a.m. Berry, what's YOUR answer to the poll question? How far will the Thunder go in the playoffs?
Berry Tramel 11:06 a.m. NBA Finals. Lose to Miami in the Finals after winning the West.
Mark, OKC 11:06 a.m. Sad to hear about Coach Fairbanks. Did you have much interaction with him?
Berry Tramel 11:06 a.m. No, I didn't have a lot of interaction with him. He was quiet and reserved and didn't come around much. I interviewed hin on the phone a few times and chatted with him down in Dallas back in 2003. But otherwise, not much.
Quincey 11:07 a.m. Do you think the Thunder will amnesty Perkins in the offseason?
Berry Tramel 11:07 a.m. No. I don't think OKC will. Actually, the payroll analysts say it's more likely that OKC lets Perkins go in 2014, for financial reasons, than in 2013.
Your Name 11:07 a.m. I know that practices are closed at OU but it seems to me there isn't any type of news coming out of Norman I am not sure if that is good or bad what is your thoughts?
Berry Tramel 11:08 a.m. That's bad for us, which means it's bad for you. I have no idea if it's good for OU. The Sooners are changing offenses and defenses, so in the paranoid culture of college football, that means everything's top secret. So who knows what's going?
Nate 11:08 a.m. How does the OU basketball team look next year? Who starts and who else gets significant playing time?
Berry Tramel 11:10 a.m. OU will be interesting. Those three freshmen guards will have to carry the load. Hield, Cousins and Hornbeak. The new guys inside, Spangler and Bennett, will have to play well, and Cameron Clark will have to be huge. In fact, I will say Cam Clark will have to play 30 minutes a game and average 15 points a game or so. But those three guards will be the key. I think OU will be a borderline NCAA Tournament team. Could go either way.
Your Name 11:10 a.m. If Toronto keeps losing maybe the Thunder will get a chance to draft somebody who I think would fit perfectly on this team, Victor Oladipo. What do you think of Oladipo?
Berry Tramel 11:11 a.m. Why does the Thunder need him? The Thunder has found a backup point guard. Jackson is playing exceptionally well. Jackson has ended the Eric Maynor debate. Heck, Jackson is making me forget about my J.J. Barea dreams. The Thunder might need a wing scorer, or even a big man, if there's one available. But the Thunder doesn't need Oladipo.
john 11:11 a.m. If it was up to you, would you keep perkins and let Martin walk. Or sign Martin and amnesty Perkins. Me persoanlly I would let Martin walk and draft a wing 3/4 guy.
Berry Tramel 11:12 a.m. I would agree, if I had to choose. If you sign Martin, you're going to have to sign a center, too, if you let Perkins go. You can generally find a wing easier than a center, whether it's through the draft or free agency.
Tom 11:12 a.m. Scott Brooks is only paying lip service about lowering turn overs as long as he allows Durant to function as a guard. He is a great ball handler for a 6'10" person. But a bad ball handler compared to a professional point guard.
Berry Tramel 11:13 a.m. Well, yes, KD is a bad ballhandler compared to a professional point guard. But he's an excellent passer, and he's a scoring phenom. So it more than evens out. Durant doesn't play a ton of point guard. Doesn't initiate the offense that much. I would say that Brooks is handling Durant just fine.
Derek Fisher 11:13 a.m. Pretty sure I could come in and take 10-12 articles from you per season.
Berry Tramel 11:13 a.m. That would be a bigger outrage than Fisher taking 10 minutes away from Thabo and Jackson.
Nick 11:14 a.m. Rumors are Smart is returning to OSU. Good move? Could be good for college basketball.
Berry Tramel 11:14 a.m. I agree with CHopper's story today. Marcus Smart has two good choices. It's whatever he wants to do. But it would be fantastic for OSU if he returned. I'll get so fired up about college basketball, I might start wearing a Dick Vitale face.
Your Name 11:14 a.m. Should Ronnie Brewer be getting fishers minutes?
Berry Tramel 11:17 a.m. Yes. Maybe not all of them, but some of them. I'm blogging later in the day about Brewer. What an interesting talent to have, yet Brooks never uses him. I would play Ronnie Brewer in a variety of lineups. HEre's one I haven't even thought of. Against certain teams -- like Miami -- you could play a small/small lineup of Westbrook, Thabo, Martin, Durant and Brewer. Put Brewer on Bosh, but Durant on Battier, put Thabo on LeBron, put Martin on Chamers and put Westbrook on Wade. Or move Brewer onto LeBron, Thabo onto Wade, Martin onto Battier and Durant on Bosh.
Your Name 11:17 a.m. Where will the Kings be next year? Still in Sacto or will they be new Sonics in Seattle?
Berry Tramel 11:18 a.m. I am going to guess Sacramento, but I have no good reason. My theory: if SacTown has an ownership ready and an arena plan ready, what's the rationale to move?
Tom 11:18 a.m. Why not drop the number of fouls in an NBA game from 6 per player to 5 per player. The pros almost never foul out and often use their fouls to play defense. I would also drop the time outs in the NBA from 7 to 5. They don't need all those time outs.
Berry Tramel 11:19 a.m. You know, I've often wondered if you dropped the foul limit, would that cut down on the physicality of the game? I don't know, but it might. Of course, it could put superstars on the bench, and nobody wants that. I'm all for the fewer timeouts.
Your Name 11:19 a.m. That Ware kid breaking his leg like that made me immediately think of Wayman. For his leg to break like that I was affraid there might be something else wrong like in Wayman's case. But I guess not, that was an awful injury
Berry Tramel 11:20 a.m. I was reminded of Donnie Boyce, the old Colorado star who collapsed similarly in the 1995 Big Eight Tournament against OU. Also reminded me of myself -- I suffered a broken leg playing softball in 1995. Snapped right in two. Bottom half of my right leg was at a 90 degree angle.
john 11:20 a.m. What's your thought for the thunder and the up comming draft.
Berry Tramel 11:20 a.m. Draft the best player available. It's a weak draft, so nobody get too excited. Heck, maybe draft a foreigner and stash him.
Tom 11:21 a.m. A lot of sentiment to take the college men's shot clock down to 30 seconds or below. I like the 35 second shot clock. The college game is not the same as the pro game. I like the passing game.
Berry Tramel 11:21 a.m. Why not make it a 3:35 shot clock. Let them pass the ball around for 31/2 minutes? A 25-second clock is what college basketball needs. Way too much screwing around in college basketball. Guys just passing it around, dribbling, without getting anything done. Speed it up, guys. Let's go.
Southmoore 11:21 a.m. Could Mike Rice ever return to coaching? Maybe Norman North pitching coach?
Berry Tramel 11:22 a.m. He's got a chance to return somewhere, at a lower level, with a friend or something. Dave Bliss is back in education, on the high school level. If he can get a job, anyone can.
Tom 11:22 a.m. Kansas City is a nice place for the Big 12 tournament. But with the departure of Missouri, Nebraska and Colorado, this is mostly a Kansas, Kansas State and Iowa State crowd. I think we need to get that tourney moved to OKC. Not just because I'm an Okie, but I think we would get better participation. Your thoughts?
Berry Tramel 11:23 a.m. No city could come close to matching Kansas City for support. OKC tried and failed. Now, maybe you move it out of fairness, or out of spite for Missouri leaving. But as far as support, Kansas City is at the top.
Your Name 11:23 a.m. Oladipo is not a pg, and I certainly hope the Thunder don't take a big man that early. Zeller is the second coming of Cole Aldrich. Oladipo could be groomed to take Thabo's spot because I am afraid Thabo might have played himself into a nice contract when he becomes a free agent.
Berry Tramel 11:24 a.m. If he's really 6-5, which he might be, you might could sell me on it. I don't have any idea about his defense. But if he can play defense like Thabo, sign me up.
Tom 11:24 a.m. Both Westbrook and Durant have gone to shooting pull up jumpers off balance. I think they would have a better shooting average if they would square up. I know they are good/great shooters but it would seem they would want to improve their shooting percentage by being fundamentally sound.
Berry Tramel 11:25 a.m. I haven't seen that. Durant is shooting over 50 percent from the field, which is outrageously good for a volume shooter like him. I think Westbrook's fundamentals are most sound on his pullup jumpers. He's off balance in the lane a ton, but when he pulls up, it's a classic shot.
Derek Fisher 11:25 a.m. You have to be kidding me? I have intangibles in my articles that you could never provide.
Berry Tramel 11:26 a.m. Please, don't let Scotty Brooks become our sports editor, or you might just be writing four columns and 15 blogs a week.
Tom 11:26 a.m. Can OU men's basketball be better next year with the loss of all those seniors? If so, how?
Berry Tramel 11:26 a.m. I guess they could. I doubt it, but it's possible. Depends on the development of the holdovers, particularly the guards, and the new big guys. You never know.
Your Name 11:26 a.m. I have been watching the NCAA tourney and every time an offense runs through a set and hasn't gotten a shot I check the shot clock thinking it is about to expire only to discover there is still 15 more seconds left
Berry Tramel 11:27 a.m. Yeah, or 25. I swear, I could go fix a sandwich and eat half of it during one college basketball possession.
Tom 11:27 a.m. Will Marcus Smart come back next year?
Berry Tramel 11:27 a.m. I'm going to guess no, but some people say it's possible. I hope he does. But I don't know.
Brian 11:27 a.m. Here's a fun question, who is the best college athlete (regardless of sport) on a team in Oklahoma?
Berry Tramel 11:28 a.m. Probably Keilani Rickets, the OU softball pitcher. She's world-class.
Will 11:28 a.m. What is Selena Roberts' rep in the journalism business? What is her agenda with this Auburn article? Isn't she the one who wanted to destroy Duke lacrosse?
Berry Tramel 11:29 a.m. I don't remember if she was involved with the Duke lacrosse. I don't know if she has an agenda with Auburn. But most people would tell you that Auburn is cesspool and got a bogus national title out of it.
Your Name 11:29 a.m. If I remember correctly, Thabo's plantar fascia was starting to flare up before the trade deadline. Is there a chance Brewer was brought in solely for insurance in case Thabo went down for a couple of weeks?
Berry Tramel 11:29 a.m. I guess. But that's still no reason not to play him. That's even more reason to play him.
Brian 11:29 a.m. If the Astros move their AAA team to Texas (as they have said they have talked about), do you think it's a sure thing that another team moves to OKC or might the ballpark not have a tenant?
Berry Tramel 11:30 a.m. I suppose worst-case scenario, OKC might not get a AAA team. I think that's highly unlikely. But if it did happen, OKC would get a Texas League team in no time. Which sign me up for.
Thomas 11:30 a.m. Berry, The dunkmaster From Baylor, cannot play play in the NBA, Your thoughts, Thank
Berry Tramel 11:31 a.m. Who are we talking about? PErry Jones or Isiah Austin? I'm disappointed in Perry Jones, but the draft is proving to be correct. I really like Isiah Austin. I think he could be a ballplayer.
Tom 11:31 a.m. The reason you want to keep the Tournament in KC is Garozoo's.
Berry Tramel 11:32 a.m. Well, that's a very good reason. But the best reason to keep the tournament in KC is that on Wednesday night, with a doubleheader of Texas-TCU and Tech-West Virginia, the Sprint Center had about 8,000-9,000. Anywhere else, INCLUDING TEXAS, the arena would have had no more than 5,000.
Berry Tramel 11:32 a.m. OK, that's it. Great questions. Talk to you next week.
by Berry Tramel
Berry Tramel, a lifelong Oklahoman, sports fan and newspaper reader, joined The Oklahoman in 1991 and has served as beat writer, assistant sports editor, sports editor and columnist. Tramel grew up reading four daily newspapers — The Oklahoman,...
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