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More Power Lunch Chat Questions And Answers

by Darnell Mayberry Modified: April 12, 2013 at 6:18 pm •  Published: July 5, 2012

Every week I do a 30-minute chat at Most times, I can’t get to all the questions and comments in that slotted time. Sometimes I go over just to get to more questions. Today, I had to scoot.

So here are the leftover questions and comments from this morning’s chat. If you would like to join the conversation, I generally chat every Monday at 11 a.m. central.

From Guest: Why don’t the Thunder sig someone like Terrence Williams or Alonzo Gee? Someone who can score off the bench.
A: Who would they play ahead of? Any time you find yourself asking a question like that, first ask yourself who that player would play in front of.

From realtt41: I wanna see Chauncey Billups in Thunder jersey. Is there a any chance for C-Bill? Mid-level for him?
A: Nope. Just re-signed with the Clippers.

From Guest: If Ibaka is traded who could you see replacing him?
A: Depends. If the Thunder loses him it’ll be because of money reasons. That would then mean his replacement couldn’t be a high-salaried player. So maybe Nick Collison steps in as a starter. Maybe Perry Jones will be ready. Either way, it’s going to have to be an inexpensive contract. So that limits the options and eliminates all the big names that everyone would love to have.

From Ramsey: T-Mac could spell KD could also play with Durant at the four and just veteran leadership down the road.
A: Yeah, and he’s also not a very good player anymore. No thanks.

From Guest:
The Orlando Summer league games will be on NBATV.
A: I think this was a comment in response to my earlier uncertainty. I have since gotten confirmation from the league that the games will both be on NBA TV and broadcasted online as part of the NBA’s broadband package you can purchase for $14.99.

From Guest: When does the NBA schedules come out?
A: The NBA released the league-wide schedule on July 19 last year. But that was earlier than normal. In 2010, the league released the schedule on Aug. 3. In 2009, the league released the schedule on Aug. 4. In 2008, the league released it on August 6.

From Ñ: Por curiosidad, sabes algo de español (do you know any spanish?)
A: Unfortunately, I don’t. Strongly considering investing in Rosetta Stone, though.

From realtt41: What is the hard cap limit? And Will Thunder use hard cap limit? Also we must re-sign Harden and Ibaka
A: There is no such thing as a hard cap limit. The NBA has a soft salary cap. For this past season it was $58.044 million. The tax level was set at $70.307. If a team surpasses that tax threshold, it must then pay additional money for every dollar it exceeds that figure. It will be tough for the Thunder to make that kind of financial commitment. Therefore, it’ll be extremely tough for the Thunder to re-sign Harden and Ibaka.

From Guest: What the latest on the KD settlement?
A: Haven’t heard anything. But in the words of Jay-Z, he got a couple dollars he can fight the case.

From harry man: Who will win the major league all star game. National or American?
A: No clue.

From Guest: Who’s on the thunder summer league roster?
A: As of right now, Reggie Jackson, Lazar Hayward, Cole Aldrich, Perry Jones, Latavious Williams and potentially Hasheem Thabeet.

From Guest: Would Howard with the Lakers, provide the defense to cover for Nash?
A: Yes. Absolutely.

From Guest: Would you be mad if the thunder did a perkins ibaka maynor deal for dwight and j,rich cause im so convinced we need a prime time big what bosh was doing to perk was something serious
A: I wouldn’t be mad. But would you if the Thunder gave up all those players and Dwight Howard walked next summer as a free agent?

From Will: Are we having a post scorer or a good offensive player there one day? I just read about former Sonics’ Fortson
A: I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question. What did you read about Fortson?

From Steve: Does the home team in the playoff get all of the gate? or do they have to split it with the visiting team? Because in the finals, the owners of the Heat would have made more money than the thunder if they don’t have to split the gate. So you might want to not have home court in the finals.
A: It is my understanding that the home team gets the gate.

From HardensBeardofWonder: What is your expect opinion on how many teeth Cole Aldrich will lose next year?
A: I think he’ll be fine.

From KaeJay: Do u think starting harden will make us better…think he’s great. It his d that was awful in the playoffs…& our bench would really stink w/ thabo being our 6th man
A: I think it has its benefits. But it would be up to Scott Brooks to make the adjustment with his rotation to maintain some bench scoring.

From Guest: I heard a rumor that Seattle wants Stern to bring the Thunder back, is that true.
A: Yes. It’s been true since 2008 when the team left.

From Matt: Darnell, are GM’s offering these big contracts to borderline guys assuming the cap will rise? I know I’ve heard that’s a high likelihood.
A: The cap rises almost every year. I think it’ll do so next season as well. So I just think a lot of bad decisions are being made more than anything else.

From Bobcat: The man Thunder need is Mullens back, you know it
A: You sick of him already in Charlotte?


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