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The New CBA: Minimum Team Salary

John Rohde Published: December 4, 2011

Today’s topic in the NBA’s new collective bargaining agreement:


2005: Teams had to spend at least 75 percent of the salary cap.

2011: Teams must spend at least 85 percent of the cap in 2011-12 and 2012-13, and at least 90 percent of the cap in later years of the agreement.

Winners: The players. Raising the salary floor means spending more money on players. The shallow end of the salary pool just got a little deeper. The higher salary minimum also could affect teams’ amnesty decisions. Teams might decide to hang on to high-salaried players rather than amnesty them in order to meet the new minimum team salary requirements.

Note: Players lost 16 games (roughly 20 percent of their 2011-12 salaries) because of the lockout.