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Thor, Herc and John Carter among heroes of comic-book challenge catch-up post

by Matthew Price Modified: April 22, 2013 at 2:44 pm •  Published: May 10, 2011

Here’s an abbreviated rundown of several comics I’ve read over the past 2 weeks, but haven’t had time to post about.

Herc 1-2 – Fred Van Lente and Greg Pak are writing a street-level Herc in a fish out of water type tale that should appeal to fans of the “Thor” movie.  Artist Neil Edwards has a touch of classic John Byrne to him.   It’s a good mix of action and humor that I hope finds an audience.

Avengers 12, 12.1 – Brian Michael Bendis and John Romita Jr. wrap up the Infinity Gauntlet storyline.  In 12.1, Bendis and Bryan Hitch create a standalone adventure with Ultron, tying into Tony Stark’s map of the future.

Incredible Hulks 626-627 – Hulk, in James Bond-style wear, tries to stop the opening of Pandora’s Box.  Tom Grummett is always a capable artist, and Greg Pak has written some great Hulk stories.

Ruse #1 - Reintroducing the detective series from CrossGen written by Mark Waid.  Loved the original series, liked this. Will stick it out through the run.

Mighty Thor #1 - Matt Fraction’s Thor is solid and well-done, but the #1 is more for the movie folks; it’s not dramatically different from what Fraction has been doing.  OK, but not fantastic.

Action Comics #900 - The “citizenship” back-up story overshadowed in the press the main event of the conclusion of Paul Cornell’s Lex Luthor arc.  But Cornell finishes up well here, if you can find a copy. (Second print is coming.)

Avengers Academy 11-12 - The Academy kids are powered up by becoming future versions of themselves to face Korvac.  An underrated Avengers book.  Written by Christos Gage.

Superman #710 – I’ve liked the “Grounded” storyline better since Chris Roberson has been involved.  This team-up with Batman isn’t earth-shaking, but it’s acceptable.

Skaar King of the Savage Land #1 - This first issue of a 5-issue mini manages to be fun and engaging as Rob Williams and Brian Ching follow the son of the Hulk in the Savage Land.   Cool visuals include Skaar fighting dinosaurs, which is totally a selling point for this book.

Starman/Congorilla 1 – James Robinson and Brett Booth create sort of a superhero version of a buddy cop film; one’s a blue alien, the other’s a man in a gorilla’s body.

Older stuff:

John Carter, Warlord of Mars 1-10: Gil Kane and Roy Thomas were the creative team on this adaptation of the Barsoom (aka Mars) stories of Edgar Rice Burroughs.  Dave Cockrum inks the first issue.  If you want a more science-fictional Tarzan-style story, this is it.   The first 10 issues are an ongoing original story by Thomas, rather than an adaptation of an existing story.  “Air Pirates of Mars” features Carter and Dejah Thoris facing off against a splinter group who want to end Carter’s influence on Mars.   After issue 1, Kane’s layouts were finished by Rudy Nebres.

- Matt Price
Comics read in 2011: 618. Still to go: 1393.

by Matthew Price
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