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Wolverine’s origins sifted in “Wolverine” #50 in November 1991

by Matthew Price Modified: April 22, 2013 at 4:46 pm •  Published: December 20, 2012

Much like he is now, Wolverine was a key component in the Marvel Comics of 21 years ago.  His ongoing series, written by Larry Hama and drawn by Marc Silvestri, was reaching a milestone 50th issue.  Since it was the 1990s, this was celebrated with a cover enhancement: A die-cut cover cut as if Wolverine’s claws were slicing through the outer cover, designed like a manilla folder.  Like many comics since (and some before), “Wolverine” #50 promised major revelations about Wolverine’s history.  In this third part of the 3-part story, Logan finds a warehouse in Windsor, Ontario where he finds sets that were apparently used by Experiment X to create and alter his memories, along with the memories of Sabretooth and Wolverine’s girlfriend Silver Fox.  The Hama-Silvestri run helped define the Wolverine character for this generation.

This is the latest in my continuing series looking back at the comic books of 1991.  In this post, I’ll look at the comics I bought in November 1991, and at some of the other comic books that were available.  I’m using the newsstand option at Mike’s Amazing World of Comics as my reference guide for this.  When I remember, I’ll share details about how and where I bought comics at the time.  In the case of Valiant Comics, I’m using a shipping list from

The much-hyped “Wolverine” #50 also featured the first appearance of Shiva, a computer program that took on an android body, and was assigned to kill the survivors of the Weapon X program.   Other X-related books bought this month were Uncanny X-Men #284, X-Factor #74, X-Force #6 and X-Men #4.

Erik Larsen, who in the next year would become an Image Comics founder, moved onto “Spider-Man” with #18, after a recent run on “Amazing Spider-Man.”

Other Marvel Comics bought were Amazing Spider-Man #357 and #358; Captain America #396; Daredevil #300; Deathlok #7; Incredible Hulk #389; and Silver Surfer #61.

DC Comics that I picked up this month included Aquaman #2; Armageddon: Alien Agenda #2; Robin II #2 and #3; Sandman #34; and Superman #63.

Valiant Comics launched a new series, “X-O Manowar” #1, featuring an ancient warrior brought into modern times with a science-fictional suit of armor.  Other Valiant Comics this month I picked up included Magnus, Robot Fighter #9 and Harbinger #2. Solar: Man of the Atom #6 also came out, but I don’t think I got it until later.

A couple of big Dark Horse releases came out, though I think it was later when I got them as well. John Byrne’s 2112 was a graphic novel that tied in with his “John Byrne’s Next Men” series.  And in “Dark Horse Presents” #56, a giant-sized annual issue, featured “Sin City” by Frank Miller; part three of the four-part “Next Men” introductory story by John Byrne; an “Aliens” story by John Arcudi and more.  I bought this issue, but not until 1992, when I was working at the Archives in Norman.  That location would eventually become my shop Speeding Bullet Comics, which is still there today.

- Matt Price


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