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James Bond ‘Skyfall’ trailer, new comic from Men in Black creator, Before Watchmen controversy continues

by Matthew Price Published: June 5, 2012

On this Planet 46 Comics Show, Matt and Kyle discuss the James Bond Skyfall trailer, a new comic from the “Men in Black” creator, and continuing controversy over “Before Watchmen.”

A tense, action-heavy trailer has been released for Skyfall, the new James Bond movie to be directed by Sam Mendes.

Javier Bardem is the villain of the film, which returns Daniel Craig as James Bond. Judi Dench again signs on as James Bond’s boss, M, and Ralph Fiennes is a government official.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones return to theaters in “Men in Black 3,” in which the agency that protects the earth from intergalactic threats again must come to the world’s defense.
The original creator of “Men in Black,” comic book writer Lowell Cunningham, has a new comic available this week as well.
Cunningham’s new comic is “Jack Ooze,” about Assistant District Attorney Andrew “Jack” Ossman, who was fighting for the side of good, until two thugs toss him into a vat of caustic chemicals. They thought that would be the end of the story… but it’s just the beginning of Jack Ooze’s story. The origin story, by Lowell Cunningham and Ralph Miranda, is available at

Before Watchmen, the interconnected miniseries that form a prequel to the Watchmen graphic novel, is set to kick off on June 6 with “Minutemen.”
Alan Moore, creator of the original Watchmen, has spoken out against the prequel.
Dan DiDio, co-publisher of DC Comics, recently defended the project.
He told the Guardian “all the characters in all the universes and all that we do in comics, we’re constantly building on other people’s lores and legends…. In this particular case we feel very strong about what we’re doing and honestly I’m going to let the product speak for itself.”
Look for more on Before Watchmen, including an exclusive interview with Dan DiDio, at and in upcoming Weekend Look editions.


* Batman Incorporated 1 – Grant Morrison, Chris Burnham
This issue is a good starting point for anyone who missed previous Morrison Batman comics — it focuses on Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, and his son, Damian, who is Robin. Damian is in danger as the League of Assassins is after him. The assassin Goatboy is hot on Robin’s trail in this issue ably illustrated by Chris Burnham, who shows his flair for storytelling in this one. Some great Batman and Robin moments and a shocking cliffhanger ending make this one Bat-fans will want to pick up.

* Captain America #12 – Ed Brubaker, Patrick Zircher

Captain America and SHIELD’s Dum-Dum Dugan are on the hunt for the new Scourge. Captain America’s former girlfriend, Diamondback, has been hospitalized after a confrontation with Scourge, and Cap’s taking it personally. Captain America has fought multiple vigilantes going by the name of “Scourge,” who kill villains for varying motivations. This new Scourge is killing villains who are in the Witness Protection Program. Cap’s determined to put a stop to this. Brubaker relates Cap in a dead-serious, on a mission mode here as a man of action. Zircher’s art ably complements. Long-time Captain America fans may very well be surprised by the last-page reveal in this one.

* Irredeemable 37 – Mark Waid, Eduardo Barreto
Mark Waid ends his Boom! Superhero series that looked at a hero gone bad with an issue that’s satisfying and meta-textual. From its start in 2009, “Irredeemable” has been the story of the Plutonain, the world’s most powerful superhero, who one day snaps. The only people with a chance to stop him are his former teammates, who one by one fall by the Plutonian’s might.
Plutonian’s former ally Qubit says he has a way to redeem the Plutonian, which leads to a final issue that’s a strong conclusion to one of the best superhero series of the past five years. The ending, which we won’t spoil here, could be controversial… and I’ll argue it’s a little more on the nose than it had to be. But overall, Waid, who wrote great superhero comics on “Flash,” “Kingdom Come” and others, showed with “Irredeemable” that he still has the chops to create compelling superhero fiction.

by Matthew Price
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