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Video game review: Dead Space

by Matthew Price Published: October 31, 2008

It’s space-based survivalist horror in EA’s “Dead Space.”

The gamer takes on the role of engineer Isaac Clarke. He’s en route to the USG Ishimura, a “planet cracker” ship that harvests energy. He’s been dispatched with his team to repair their communications array; he’s also received an unclear message from a friend, Nicole Brennan, a medical officer on the Ishimura.

Once the team arrives, they find the ship has been overrun by Necromorphs (more or less zombies), and Isaac is separated from his team. He has to use the tools on-hand (like saws and welding guns) to take out the zombies. “Dead Space” is somewhat different from many zombie-type games in its “strategic dismemberment” theory – the only way to take out a Necromorph is to remove its limbs.

“Dead Space” will inspire some comparisons to “Resident Evil.” Of course, calling a game “Resident Evil” in space is more of a selling point than a detriment.

“Dead Space” has also worked much of the information you need to play the game into the experience. Rather than calling up a heads-up display, health, ammunition, and even objectives are displayed as part of the in-game experience. This means, of course, that while you’re checking on your ammo, you can be ambushed from behind by a Necromorph.

Overall, “Dead Space” is an atmospheric thriller that’s among the best the genre has to offer, with great visuals and sound joined to a gripping story.

The game is rated M for mature and is available on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and personal computer.

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By Matthew Price
Assistant Features Editor

by Matthew Price
Features Editor
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